X-Cart Beer Meeting in Chicago on 7th June, 2013

Ksenia Emelyanova

X-Cart Beer Meeting in Chicago is going to become a good tradition. Positive emotions brought from previous event, very warm and cosy atmosphere of ‘The Bedford’, informal still productive communication simply gave no way to doubts: we for sure want to repeat that experience, and you are a welcome guest.

Who to network with?

Ruslan Fazlyev

Ruslan Fazliev
X-Cart founder. Ecwid Founder and CEO.
Under his management, X-Cart team grew from 3 to 150 employees in 5 years. Started as a team of students, with no investment and no support, X-Cart soon became #1 commercial PHP store builder platform worldwide powering 50,000 online stores in 120+ countries.

Maxim Vydrin

Maxim Vydrin
X-Cart CEO.
Proven ability to drive revenue growth through sales productivity and market expansion. Wide experience in building motivated teams and establishing collaborative relationships with key customers and business partners globally.

Alex Mulin

Alex Mulin
Head of Sales and Marketing, X-Cart.
Has been working since 2002, gained extensive knowledge in almost every aspect of e-commerce industry.

Mike White

Mike White
X-Cart Community VIP: Babymonkey Studuos
Mike White (totaltec) is a proficient PHP programmer who has dedicated his (work) life to working with the X-Cart platform. The author of great Responsive Template for X-Cart.

Emerson Nogeira

Emerson Nogueira
X-Cart Community VIP: EWD Hosting & Total Server solutions
Has been in the IT industry for nearly two decades. He has a passion for excellence in customer experiences and thrives on guiding his team to provide customers with the sort of personal service we all crave.

Alex Scorohodov

Alex Skorohodov
X-Cart Community VIP: Kosmos Central
Author of X-Cart Integration for eBay. Founder of Kosmos Central. Established in 2002, Kosmos Central is an eCommerce development company creating web-based proprietary system integrations that connect web systems to POS, accounting, and ERP systems. Kosmos Central also offers full-service web design, web hosting, web marketing, development and tech support.

 Carrie Saunders

Carrie Saunders
X-Cart Community VIP: BCS Engineering
In 2002, Carrie co-founded BCS Engineering, which provides custom programming for e-commerce and IT needs. From simple, to complex, BCSE is well known for a wide variety of pre-built and custom solutions and for thinking outside of the box. BCSE team is always striving to find the right solution for the customer, instead of always the easiest solution.

Conor Treacy

Conor Treacy
X-Cart Community VIP: HandsOnWebHosting
In the mid 90’s, Conor created an invite-only hosting company as he wasn’t getting the service he expected from others. By early 2000, Hands-on Web Hosting was created for the public, and has worked closely with X-Cart since that time. Known for their Live Support and X-Cart knowledgeable staff, they’ve carved a niche with reliable servers, fast support, and reasonable prices. They continue to exceed the expectations of clients, as is the mantra of the company!

Steve Stoyanov

Steve Stoyanov
X-Cart Community VIP: CFL Systems, Inc.
Founder of CFL Systems, Inc.Steve has been working in the IT field since late 90’s doing system and network support and administration for small businesses. In 2006 he started his own adventure and CFL Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the beginning of 2007. The company provides eCommerce services and solutions as well as pre-built modules, custom coding and IT support. CFL Systems is well known by the X-Cart community for the quality of their [CFL Systems] work, well priced modules and services, and the way they treat their clients with honesty and respect.
Google Trusted Stores integration was developed by Steve.

Roger LeFevre

Roger LeFevre
X-Cart Community VIP: CEO of VITAL BGS
A seasoned CEO, Roger LeFevre heads the VITAL BGS family of companies. He’s been involved in eCommerce since he helped MCI with their first eCommerce site in the 90’s. Roger possesses deep knowledge of the outsourcing market and how it plays into eCommerce. VITAL BGS offers core (aka vital) services that businesses need to grow and operate on a daily basis; design and development, order fulfillment, call center, social media, SEO, email marketing, merchant banking – and much more. VITAL BGS specializes in working with small and mid market eCommerce businesses. VITAL BGS is the parent company of Sizzle Factor, which is featured regularly for its X-CART work. Roger will be accompanied by X-CART enthusiast Michael McBride, who serves as VP of Business Development.

I’m a merchant, why should I attend?

  • Gain direct access to key X-Cart community persons listed above. Share concerns, ask questions, take active participation in the destiny of X-Cart
  • Share experience with other X-Cart merchants, glean the wisdom of Gurus and give a helping hand to Newbies.
  • Beer. And it’s Friday! 😉

I’m a hoster/developer, why should I attend?

  • Gain direct access to X-Cart merchants: discuss their hopes and fears, listen to suggestions, draw new business ideas out.
  • Hang out with other X-Cart community persons.
  • Beer&Friday, yep!


  • What X-Cart team can do to make our product better for users in general and merchants in particular
  • Cooperation between X-Cart team and X-Cart community developers and partners
  • Expectations of merchants from X-Cart community developers and partners

To sum up:

what: X-Cart Beer Meeting
where: ‘The Bedford’ , 1612 W Division St, Chicago, IL, United States.
when: 7-30 pm CDT, June, 7th 2013
why: Combine the useful with the pleasing!
how: Drop a line to us for registration.


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