Webinar for X-Cart 5 developers: Integrating X-Cart with a CMS. November, 11th, 10 am PST

Ksenia Emelyanova
X-Cart 5 developers are making progress. More and more modules are being contributed to X-Cart 5 marketplace. Steve from CFLsystems Inc, well known to X-Cart 5 community has just introduced a new module called xCDN, the title is being self-explanatory. X-Cart Guru Mike White created a “Detailed Images Slider” and “FAQ”, and is currently working on a new theme. Carrie Saunders from BCS Engineering enjoys the growing popualrity of “Customer Rewards”, as well as 2 other modules released earlier. Several extensions have just passed Quality Assurance and are about to get published too. You’re doing a good job, and we appreciate your active participation in X-Cart 5 development. Together with you, we have already populated X-Cart 5 marketplace with about 160 extensions (not taking into account the themes)!I have also seen a couple of X-Cart 5 customization requests at freelancer resources like Elance, and with the growing popualrity of our platform, the merchants will look for X-Cart 5 experts more and more frequently!We are doing our best to help you with the enterance to X-Cart 5 marketplace. And Tony, our dear Tony Sologubov, is in the forefront of this activity – with all his inspiration and desire. Tony is preparing the 4th webinar for X-Cart 5 developers. (You can find all the tutorials and recordings of previous webinars here, BTW) 

Webinar Agenda

This webinar aims at showing the developers how they can pull information from X-Cart and integrate it into the 3rd party software, e.g some Content Management System. The approximate length is 30-60 mins.
We will start with basic approach of initializing X-Cart externally and pulling different kinds of data.Then, I will show how to use default functionality of showing certain X-Cart widgets.

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This free webinar is scheduled for November the 11th, it will start at 10 am PST. I really like the warm friendly atmosphere of this webinar series, and hope to see you there among the attendees. 

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