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9 Benefits of Using a Live Chat for a Website

Having a live chat on your website is useful and can help you improve performance and achieve your company goals. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you are in doubt about a service or a product, do you prefer sending an email or receiving an answer right away?  The second option is more efficient […]

Using Buyer Personas for Targeted Selling Tactics

Do you know who the people shopping in your store are? Understanding the needs of your customers and their motivation to purchase your products is extremely essential nowadays. This knowledge can help you target the company's content marketing and social media campaigns more efficiently. Get to know your clients as closely as your best friends and the marketing campaigns' results will pleasantly surprise you.

The 9 Best Social Media Management Tools for 2020

By now, you probably know the importance of social networks in your marketing mix, but do you have a true social media strategy? Not “I post when I can,” but a strategy based on a solid content plan that encompasses scheduling posts to get the most visibility possible, monitoring social media accounts, and engaging with your followers. Read on for nine of my favorite social media management tools for 2020. You’re sure to find a few gems that make your business’s social media efforts less stressful and more effective.

The Role of Proactive Customer Support to Change Brand Perspective

This blog post was originally contributed by Robin Singh, a Technical Support Executive at ProProfs. Do you know, 68% of consumers say that a brand’s perception becomes positive when companies send proactive customer service notifications to them? Being proactive with clients is important for any online business owner. After all, they have a reputation to uphold. It […]

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