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Apps Roundup: Available for X-Cart 5.5

A few weeks back, we announced the newly released X-Cart 5.5. It came with major architecture changes, which while being a huge step forward in the technology, required changes to be made to all the add-ons we carry in our App Store.  So, which add-ons, integrations, or services will work with the latest X-Cart 5.5 […]

X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta Release

Hi fellow X-Carters! Today is very special for us. We’ve been working on X-Cart 5.4.0 for over a year and now… The time, it has come to release her to the big world. Please welcome – X-Cart 5.4.0 public beta! As an online store owner, you know how big a part email notifications play in […]

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