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Top 25 Payment Processing Companies in 2021

Payment processing companies are virtually everywhere. If you own an eCommerce store, you know that your website needs a payment processor in order to become a fully-functioning, money-making machine. But how, exactly, do you decide what service to use? Which ones are the most secure and reliable for online businesses? To help you decide, we’ve […]

4 Online Payment Options You Need on Your eCommerce Site

With so many different ways to pay online (or in-store for that matter), simply accepting credit cards is unlikely to cut it. It’s a great starting point if your brand or store is new, but shoppers are now looking for more. We’re here to help you offer the fastest and reliable checkout options. Start with these three online payment solutions that we recommend for all eCommerce stores.

ACH Payment Processing for eCommerce

This blog post was originally contributed by Dragos Gheorghe, a Senior Manager of Payment Operations at AppFolio, Inc. For the fourth consecutive year, the volume of ACH payment processing has increased by over 2 billion dollars. In fact, the number of ACH payments increases by about 8% each quarter, and shows no signs of slowing […]

PCI-DSS Compliance Checklist [Definition + 13 Steps]

Day-to-day business is complicated enough for new e-commerce site owners, but if you accept debit or credit card transactions, one crucial part of your remit is to be completely compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. This can feel overwhelming as the PCI DSS compliance checklist is long, can seem complicated, and more often […]

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