Anna Shvetsova

X-Cart 5 New Apps & Themes: Multisite, Zapier, Google Optimize, 15+ Design Templates and more

Hey, looks like we haven’t announced the latest X-Cart apps & themes for quite some time. Meanwhile, a lot of new features have been released. So, here is a quick overview of the latest extensions. Which one does your store miss?

Ksenia Emelyanova

WordPress Shopping Cart: 10 Simple Ways To Sell With WP

Pat Flynn, running a blog on Wordpress, made $1,748,139.45 within the last 12 months. Abby and Donnie made $477,981 in 2016 — with the help of their blog, too. How can you convert you blog into a decent figure income? We have reviewed 10 best WP shopping cart plugins to make your choice easier.

Helen Tarkhanova

5 Ways to Get Your eCommerce Forms to Convert Like Crazy (+ a Few Real-World Examples)

If you are running an online business, the process of creating eCommerce forms is sure to be entirely familiar to you. To guide you through the jungles of a poll creation, I’ve prepared a good portion of theory and a few practical tips about the way you can implement all that with X‑Cart shopping cart.

Anna Shvetsova

X-Cart Apps & Themes Roundup: Google reCaptcha, Make/Model/Year, Products Map and more

Hey! Have a look at the new arrivals and cool X-Cart features updates we’ve baked with love for you since the latest apps & themes roundup in January.

Helen Tarkhanova

Interview with Steve Stoyanov + 13 X‑Cart 4 Modules by CFL Systems at Zero Cost

Outside of writing code, X-Cart team loves to socialize — arrange meetups and hang out with x-carters in NYC & London, chat with them on the phone and play email ping pong 24 hours a day. That’s exactly why we have so many friends and associates we are close to. Needless to say, Steve Stoyanov, […]

Tony Sologubov

Djinni-the-Chatbot — Sell your Products via Facebook Messenger

Today we are launching Djinni — a chat bot that will help your customers buy your products or services via Facebook Messenger. This robot is ready to track and trace parcels, pull delivery info, answer order status questions and do a lot of other useful tasks.

Anna Shvetsova

X-Cart 4.7.7: Segment, Mailchimp eCommerce, Pay with Amazon

Untiring X-Cart Classic team keeps developing new useful features to make your stores more and more efficient. So, today is the release of X-Cart v4.7.7.

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