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37 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

Are you starting your online store from scratch or considering a new platform? Are you paying exorbitant fees to maintain, update, improve, or even build your business yourself? Are your margins even thinner because of unfair integrations and plug-ins that you have to put in place? Or worse: Are you expending fortunes re-building your current […]

The Complete 6-Step Guide to eCommerce Replatforming

Change is the only constant in eCommerce. If you don’t pivot your business toward the emerging trends in the current digital shopping industry, then you open up the opportunity for your competitors to outpace you and steal your business. So, how do you keep up with what’s next? One best practice for staying on top […]

What You Get and Can Expect with X-Cart

The ultimate X-Cart Q&A will get you fully equipped for making the informed decision when choosing the base for your online business. You will see exactly what you get with X-Cart and will be able to compare it apples to apples with any other eCommerce solution on your shortlist.

Magento 1 End of Life – All You Need to Know

Magento announced the official end date of June 1, 2020 for its Magento 1 product. Since then, there's been concern amongst Magento store owners regarding their futures. However, there are plenty of options for Magento 1 store owners to actually benefit from their site's base shutting down. Read on to learn all the options.

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