Djinni-the-Chatbot — Sell your Products via Facebook Messenger

Placeholder Djinni-the-Chatbot — Sell your Products via Facebook Messenger

Today we are launching Djinni — a chatbot that will help customers buy your products and services via Facebook Messenger. It does things, which are too boring for human-beings: track parcels, answer customer questions about orders and showcase products. Yes, it will take on some of your support managers’ duties and will save you money. And, maybe, time, too, so that you can install our WordPress shopping cart plugins and boost your SEO with blogging, which is rewarding but time-consuming, too.

Chat is an intimate communication channel that many of us reserve for friends and family members. As it is not yet flooded with ads and spam, chat messages are perceived as more trustworthy than emails, and online chat sales (conversational commerce which we mentioned earlier) are trending. Use it to your advantage and get additional sales with the help of Djinni!

What Djinni can and cannot do?

Djinni can do simple things — check order status and then pass it to a client, or inform your customers of what products are currently on sale, and so on.

However, it is not exactly that good at doing creative tasks. For instance, Djinni can easily find all Nike sneakers, but cannot give you an opinion about which ones will suit you best. When Djinni-the-bot gets stuck with a problem, he will forward it to one of your support guys and they tackle the issue.

Tasks Djinni can perform at the moment:

  • Send order status updates to your customers;
  • Provide your customers with shipping info;
  • Show where the parcel is at the moment;
  • Display order details;
  • Search for products by name and category;
  • Showcase products on sale.

If you want Djinni to automate other parts of your business, let us know and we will teach him to do more things for you.

Want to hire Djinni?

Djinni-the-chatbot is available as a custom solution as the feature requires adaptation to each online store. So, if you’re interested, feel free to contact us to discuss the integration of your personal Djinni in your store.

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