Earn up to 50% with our reseller and affiliate program

Ksenia Emelyanova

We’re addressing to companies and private entrepreneurs, web-agencies and digital studios with the offer to join X-Cart reseller program. The terms and conditions are really attractive: depending on the number of licenses you sell, the special license price may go down to 50% of the original one. And even if you purchase a pack of 5 licenses ( isn’t it achievable?), the 40% discount ( or a 40% earning) is yours!

In addition to special low price, you’re getting a couple of other benefits like:

  • We list official partners on our site, thus confirming your “authorized reseller” status.
  • You get a free NFR license for a demo.

Three simple steps to partner with us

Create a separate page or a website entirely about X-Cart and X-Cart-related services you offer. Leave some space for an “official reseller” banner 😉

Sign the reseller agreement, and make a $1,500 deposit. Within one year, spend this sum to purchase X-Cart licenses, templates and modules.

Place the “authorized reseller” banner on your website and start sales. The more licenses you sell, the better your discount is.
Check special pricing here!

You’re welcome to join our reseller program. If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing to partners@x-cart.com.

Affiliate Program Update

If you consider that the reseller program is not exactly what you’re ready to, but you do recommend our products to your friends or clients from time to time, we’re sure that we should encourage this sort of help. So we thankfully offer the Affiliate program, which is equally profitable – you will get up to 50% of referred sales.

You don’t even need to register anywhere. Absolutely each X-Cart license owner has a unique affiliate id already. Take a look at the “affiliate program” section of your account and you will find it, see image to the right.

Affiliate program has been improved in your favour: X-Payments Hosted has just been included into this program.

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