X-Cart 5 goes Freemium with the release of v.5.1

Max Vydrin
Max Vydrin
CEO at X‑Cart
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Hello, X-Carters!

Today I would like to share an outstanding news about the future changes of X-Cart.

Our mission is to create the best downloadable PHP shopping cart software and to help our customers to be competitive on the online market.This is one of the fastest-growing markets, and the beginning entrepreneurs are to survive within severe competition. At this stage many of them have limited budget, so they have to look for free yet robust software. And satisfying the up-to-the-minute needs, they still need a platform that can expand and grow with their business.

Our customers have been choosing X-Cart, even though the contenders offer free solutions, while X-Cart has remained a commercial one. Now making the right choice becomes even easier – X-Cart 5 goes freemium.

With the release of version 5.1.x, we will offer a Free Edition. This edition will replace the Mobile Edition being sold for $99 currently (the Mobile Edition will no longer be available for purchase after this switch). The Free Edition will have exactly the same set of features but not the Mobile Skin , which will be excluded from the package to become an independent paid module. The Free Edition users will have free lifetime access to the core upgrades.

The freemium model implies a premium package with a set of advanced features. X-Cart Business Edition is such a package. As soon as the e-tailers realize that their business needs more tools, and they finally have more funds, they can easily upgrade their store to Business Edition in several clicks, purchasing a license and installing the premium modules from the built-in marketplace. The pricing for X-Cart 5 Business remains the same – $495.

Does it mean that X-Cart 5 is no longer mobile-ready out of the box?

Under no circumstances. In a sense, it’s getting even more mobile-ready than ever: X-Cart 5.1.x with Bootsrap on the board will include Responsive design in all packages, including the Free one. I strongly believe that Responsive design is a more convenient solution for buyers than a Mobile Skin. However we will continue supporting the “Mobile Skin” as a commercial module for those merchants who don’t share my point of view and prefer a stand-alone template optimized for smartphones only. The module will cost $199, and this price will include one year access for free upgrades. The one year upgrade access prolongation will cost $99.95.

So, to wait or not to wait? It’s up to you. But if you need the Mobile Skin module, you’d better purchase it now within a $99 package, or you will have to spend a couple of Benjamins after the switch 😉

What about the existing license-owners of X-Cart 5 Mobile and Business?

All the owners of Mobile and Business Editions will be granted a free license for the Mobile Skin module with one year access to free module upgrades. When the 1st free year is over, the Mobile Skin module upgrades will be available on the commercial basis.


The official release of X-Cart 5.1.2 is scheduled for May 21 . Want to have an idea what to expect? Try 5.1.1 beta now!

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