MailChimp + X-Cart = Easy Way to Improve your Emailing Marketing

Some people may say that Email Marketing is an “old-fashioned” way of informing your customers about new arrivals, holiday sales or just a day-to-day life of your store.But X-Cart does not share this opinion. Not a bit! Email Marketing has always been and still remains a powerful source of boosting sales and attracting customers. You just need to choose the right tool for it and apply a couple of tricks to your emails. In this case customers won’t ignore your emails or send them straight into a delete folder, but will start looking forward to your monthly newsletters and special offers.MailChimp Integration with Ecommerce-360 support is the ideal Email Marketing solution for your X-Cart shop. It allows you to send 12 000 emails to 2 000 subscribers for free. If you have more customers in your store there are various subscription plans available. 

MailChimp: Free Signup

With the MailChimp Module you can create as many mailing lists as you wish and give your clients a choice to subscribe to the most relevant ones. Before sending out the campaign, don’t forget to segment your audience according to their preferences and interests. Ecommerce-360 support and Google Analytics integration will provide you with a detailed report about the results of your campaigns. Assess all the statistic information and make your next emailing campaign better. This video will help you set-up all the cool features of MailChimp in your X-Cart 5 store. Check it out. 


Here are some practical tips how to make your Emailing campaigns more effective:

  • Keep your contact lists structured according to language/location/lead source/etc.
  • Make your campaigns more specific – a monthly newsletter/ a special product offer/ seasonal sales/holiday discounts/new arrivals, etc. – don’t try to tell everything at once, this might overwhelm your readers.
  • Perfect your subject line. Keep it short (up to 50 characters), relevant, personalized and intriguing. The subject line is the key element to the success of the campaign. If it is eye-catching, your email will likely be viewed, if it is not, it’ll go straight to Delete option.
  • Use A/B Split to test your Subject lines/segmentation lists. MailChimp has this powerful feature of A/B split campaigns and it’s definitely worth trying it.
  • Stick to a simple design of your emails. Don’t overload your messages with pictures. Experts advise to keep the balance of 80% text and 20% images. Various design elements will help you draw recipients’ attention to the most valuable parts of the email.
  • Include a Call to Action into your emails. It can be done in a form of a text link or some simple graphics.
  • Test and constantly improve your campaigns. Send a test email to yourself or your colleagues to analyze what looks great and what needs to be changed. After you’ve got all the analytics reports of the campaign, try out new combinations of design/colors/titles/calls of action/style and tone. Never stop experimenting and looking for your personal ideal formula of a successful campaign.
If you are still not convinced in the efficiency of Email Marketing, read the story of X-Cart’s client, a family-run business “Goat Milk Stuff”. Their experience proves the fact that you don’t need a whole marketing department and a lot of money to make your emailing campaigns successful. Follow their example or share your success marketing stories with us in the comments below.
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