What about X-Cart Meetup in the UK? Would you join?

Ksenia Emelyanova

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’re considering to arrange X-Cart meetup in Europe. Taking into account our customer base and our official language, the United Kingdom is the most obvious choice.

PayPal, our good friends and partners (who also sponsored the Beer Meeting in Chicago this June), kindly offer one of their offices to host the event: it’s in Richmond upon Thames, Greater London. It will be a sin to miss such an opportunity. So let’s try to arrange it in November!

If you want this event to happen, if you’re interested in it as much as we are, please spend a minute to fill in this short survey – you can see it all, no hidden questions appearing on the fly. Just 3 quick questions, with only the first one being mandatory.

Every vote counts! It’s only you who decides if we meet this autumn or not.

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