X-Cart Meetup in London on February, 27th: welcome everyone!

Ksenia Emelyanova
X-Cart Meetup in London on February, 27th: welcome everyone!Every year we meet with X-Cart Community, arranging a networking event known as “Beer Meeting” in Chicago. Per multiple requests we’re expanding the geography – the first X-Cart Meetup in London is about to happen!It’s impossible to overestimate such face-to face conversations with our partners and customers. We’re getting your invaluable feedback. In a relaxing and friendly atmosphere very serious questions are being risen. It’s the right time and place to create firm background for future:
  • Discuss X-Cart destiny with the X-Cart CEO?
  • Make a partnership proposal to BizDev?
  • Connect to other key partners of the region and arrange a joint venture?
Well, I must be honest, such a Meetup is not only about business, of course – we’re also having fun hanging out with you! Say, I can sing you a song about “Happy Llama” we rehearsed together with Lesy under the attentive guidance of David Coogan during the previous meeting at RockBottom


Optimizing X-Cart for the UK and European market: what can we do to make it better for YOUR business?


X-Cart Team to talk to

Max Vydrin X-Cart CEO Alex Mulin Head of Sales and Marketing Dept; X-Payments product manager
Tony Sologubov Community Manager Alexander Dyatchkov Head of Hosting and Support Dept
Kirill Marinkov Sales Manager Ksenia Emelyanova Marketing Manager

Venue: Whittaker Bar

PayPal UK is the main sponsor of the event, and their team (mainly, David Evans, and we appreciate his commitment) is helping us to arrange this Meetup. We are thankful for the possibility to host this meeting on their territory too. As a venue we selected Richmond Campus at Whittaker Avenue, the Partner Event Space of PayPal.

Time, Date and Registration

We’ve booked the bar area for Friday, the 27th of February from 6pm – 9pm



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