Mobile Admin and Sales Advisor for X-Cart v.4 Classic, other modules updates

Ksenia Emelyanova

New module: “Mobile Admin”

To begin with, I’d like to introduce “Mobile Admin”, the connector which provides access from your Android-based smartphone (with iOS version coming soon) to the X-Cart database via a secure connection. You will get a complete control over the store at your fingertips! Dashboard with quick statistics; comprehensive order info plus ability to change order statuses and assign tracking numbers; ability to call or send an email to the customer right from customer’s profile page, and many other bells and whistles. The module has a free fully functional 30 days trial, and even a free plan with quite a large list of features available. By the way, we have huge plans for this module and its new features, so the list will grow intensively, based on your feedback and requests.

New module: “Sales Advisor”

Now let me please unveil “Sales Advisor”, a bundle of two independent modules (each of them is not available separately), aimed at increasing your sales. Module “Cart Upselling” enables product recommendations on the cart page (admin decides if it should be random products, related products or products bought by other customers together with the ones in the cart). The second module, “Promotional messages”, advertises the campaigns (special offers, free shipping, discounts, wholesale pricing) when the customer is only a footstep away from qualifying for the offer promoted.

“Wordpress in X-Cart” Improvements

WordPress in X-Cart
If you still doubt, whether to blog or not to blog, you may want to check this article based on the interviews with real X-Cart merchants who have already answered this question – and have some good recommendations to share.If you have already taken a decision, and it’s positive, I have a good news for you. The “WordPress In X-Cart Integration” module has been improved based on the community feedback. The new features include ability to display latest blog posts ( titles only, or add abstracts as well) right on the home page. Moreover, they went on to give you an ability to display it in the left or right menu – or in any template you want! It’s a matter of a few seconds, I checked=).Since the title of blog and the name of your store often coincide, it looked weird in breadcrumbs, so we added an opportunity to override the default blog name. Also, if you use some SEO widget for your blog, X-Cart will be able to pick up meta data ( title and descriptions) you specified.
Blog section in welcome.tpl Blog section custom added to left bar template Admin area of WordPress: SEO improvements and other

“Abandoned Cart Reminder” Update

WordPress in X-Cart
Abandoned carts is a known problem we have already written about. But the solution exists, and X-Cart community merchants confirm it’s effectiveness. The figure shared by Kevin Moore looks so impressive – they recouped $2,870 in 3 months. We sincerely wish Kevin – and each of you guys – prosperity, and do our best to improve the tools you work with.This time we added option “Save cart using AJAX”. With this feature enabled, if only a valid email address is specified, the module will save the other fields the customer filled in on checkout page ( address, zip code, etc)The “abandoned carts” list will now display not only email address, but also address info. It’s especially useful if the customer preferred to checkout without account creation, and you have no record about him in database yet.
Abandoned cart Avandoned cart reminder: admin area Avandoned cart reminder: settings in admin area
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