Mobile-friendliness as a new Google ranking signal: test your store to see if it’s ready

Anna Shvetsova

This is definitely not a secret that Google is a dominant search engine powering 70% of search requests for desktop and 90% for mobile devices. So, having your site optimised for Google search is not just important but crucial for business. Google is doing its best to enhance search experience for users and to offer the most relevant results to them constantly changing its algorithms.

Well, here is another challenge for site owners. In May Google is rolling out an update to mobile search results, that means that if a site is not mobile-ready, Google will rank it lower on mobile search results page, and hence the owner will see decrease in mobile traffic.

According to recent studies and researches mobile engagement is continuously growing and Google announced that more search requests are done from mobile devices than from desktop, so this upcoming update is worth taking into consideration for those who are interested in increasing traffic to their site. If you feel like your online store is already perfectly optimised for Google and absence of mobile-friendliness won’t significantly impact your position in search results, at least think about your customers. Let’s step aside the researches and consider modern people behaviour.

For example, I cannot identify myself as a mobile addict but for obvious reasons my cellphone is always with me, and if I have to find something out in the Internet, I’ll use my cellphone, and Yes – I’ll Google my question. So will most people.

What is the first thing you grab when you wake up in the morning? How you while away the time sitting in a traffic jam, waiting for a friend in a cafe, having a break at work, taking a rest on the bench in the park, sitting in a locker room awaiting the training? In these cases we usually find ourselves with a cellphone in our hand surfing the Internet and looking for answers, reading news, chatting with friends, shopping, etc.

Intensive growth of technologies and the modern habit to resolve questions on the go makes people more and more exacting and discerning: they want relevant results fast, easy and conveniently on any device. The lack of these conditions makes visitors just leave. Will your store be there when customers are looking for the goods you sell? Will they get the best shopping experience in terms of convenience? Test your store now to see if it’s ready for Mobile Era.

If you use X-Cart for your online store, good news is that X-Cart 5 is mobile-ready out of the box, plus there is a special module to achieve even better results. And in case your store runs X-Cart 4, you can quickly and easily resolve this issue with a Mobile Skin for Classic module. Furthermore, you are always welcome to ask our experts for assistance to get consultation or have your store optimized for mobile devices in order to retain more customers providing them with best shopping experience.

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