X-Cart integrates with Doba

Placeholder X-Cart integrates with Doba

OREM, Utah – Doba, a leader in drop ship product sourcing for online retailers has programmed a Custom Data Export for X-Cart merchants, making it easier to import Doba product data pre-formatted in to their X-Cart shopping cart. Doba provides instant access to an inventory of 1.75 million drop ship products from 100s of qualified suppliers. X-Cart merchants who are looking to stock their online store with additional products without carrying on the risk of additional inventory can sign up for a free 14-Day trial by visiting https://www.doba.com/partners/xcart.

We are excited that we have made it significantly easier for X-Cart customers to quickly import any of Doba’s almost two million products using Doba’s Custom Data Export for X-Cart,” said Jared Sidwell, Doba Vice President of Business Development. “X-Cart merchants will also benefit from Doba’s ability to leverage our 50,000+ members when negotiating pricing with our suppliers. We are able to guarantee X-Cart merchants that they will be able to source products at the lowest drop ship price from each supplier.

You often hear the terms ‘supplier’, ‘wholesaler’, ‘distributor’, and ‘manufacturer’ when talking about who is drop shipping. Simply stated, a drop shipper is a supplier who is willing to allow online stores to sell their inventory without purchasing any products upfront. A drop shipper is the one who actually stores, packages and ships the physical products to the end consumer. By this definition Doba is not a drop shipper. In fact, Doba is not a supplier, wholesaler or distributor either. Doba is a company that has online software, which aggregates and standardizes the product data from 100s of suppliers so that online retailers (people looking for products to sell) can instantly connect with Doba’s suppliers (the companies that drop ship their inventory) and resell their inventory.

Doba’s service also provides detailed reporting and analytics on the performance of suppliers within their marketplace using a Supplier Scorecard. Online retailers who source products with Doba can quickly see a supplier’s average ship time, fulfillment rates, RMA percentages, inventory update frequency, average quantity in stock, shipping method (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.), and details of their Return Policy.

Online Retailers who use X-Cart’s shopping cart platform to manage their ecommerce webstore store now have a simple way of exporting product data from Doba’s online catalog and importing that data into their X-Cart-powered webstore.

About Doba


Doba is an industry leader in helping retail entrepreneurs and small businesses gain access to a consistent supply of wholesale, drop ship products to sell online. Doba simplifies product sourcing by providing access to millions of products, through a network of wholesale suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers. Products are consolidated into a single online catalog with images and descriptions, and then sold products are drop shipped directly to the customers. Doba’s service fills the gap between wholesale suppliers and manufacturers on one end and retailers on the other end by providing them with a common platform through which to conduct business. For more information visit the company website, https://www.doba.com/partners/xcart.

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