X-Cart Partners with RandMarketing. New Opportunities to Promote your Business in the US

Helen Tarkhanova

A certain part of X-Cart clients, specifically those who invest heavily in growth, keep asking us about marketing in the United States, but we will never know US-market better than local agencies.

We also understand, that some multichannel marketing services, like print media advertising or video production, require constant face-to-face interaction, which can be productive only if your marketing agency is located not far from your office, or at least in the same country.

That’s why we set up and run a business partnership with RandMarketing, the US-based full-service agency. They know how to market your product in local realities, and a lot more. Let’s see what else they can do for you:

Manage your reputation

Their PR specialists will introduce your product to the core audience, recognize and handle the content that doesn’t show off your organization in a positive light and take full control over the way your brand appears on the internet.

Introduce you to 2,5 billion SNSs users

The Rand Social Media team will put your product in touch with 1.15+ billion Facebook users, 500+ million tweeps, 500+ million google plusers, 238+ million LinkedIn professionals, 130+ million Instagram snappers and 70+ million pinners. They will turn off formality and speak to your audience in the language they understand — easy and informal.

Get on track with your clients

The Rand marketing managers will drive new shoppers to your website, creating rich viral content, such as infographics, comparison charts, “How-To” videos, detailed product descriptions and blog posts, that spread over the internet like wildfire. And keep in touch with the old ones through sending them friendly notes about your services.

Make an outstanding business plan

The Rand business analysts will not only create a business plan that stands out but also make your business unique. They will release you from the backbreaking process of testing numbers, tracking progress and pitching investors.

… and solve a lot of other issues

Their team can do a heap of other useful things, like printing door hangers and banners, creating videos starring professional actors, driving your former clients back to your website and more than more…

Just see it for yourself.

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