Refine Filters, Abandoned Cart Reminder, X-CloudBackup and other new modules

Max Vydrin

Hello everyone, long time no post, yep. But we will try to make it up to you – we have a whole lot of news and can’t wait to share them with you!

Refine Filters

Refine Filters

First off, we are happy to announce the release of Refine Filters module that has been one of ten most wanted “features” in our Ideas portal for some time.

With help of this module you can now offer your customers a true product filtering when they can easily drill down through your offerings, quickly find what they need satisfied with such effective shopping. Filters are dynamically updated by AJAX, they are available across categories, manufacturer pages, search results pages, and… wait for it.. they can be automatically generated from product options, extra fields and product classes. You can add custom classes for filters, too.

Though this module for Classic X-Cart edition is good, there exists a better solution — a lightening-fast CloudFilters addon, included in X-Cart 5.3 by default and built on top of Cloud Search. Both products (CloudSearch & CloudFilters) are offered together for one bundled price and create an awesome search and filtering experience.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Refine Filters

In addition to that we are glad to inform you about release of Abandoned Cart Reminder module, that has also been one of the 10 most wanted features in our Ideas portal (yep, please keep posting there and supporting must-have ideas!).According to a study from comScore, 80% of online shoppers have added items to shopping carts then left the sites without buying. Our module allows you to easily remind store visitors about unfinished orders by sending them automatic email notifications with a possibility to attach discount coupons to them. Content of shopping carts of your registered and unregistered customers can be recovered with a single mouse click, so no need to search for the products anew. What a great opportunity to give each order a second chance – do not miss it!

We knew abandoned carts was always a problem for all ecommerce websites, and customers would even register, go to checkout but still change their mind and not complete the purchase. This could be for many reasons – the price, just changed their mind on the item, delivery time or problems, they do not have enough money in their bank, etc. To encourage these customers to come back and shop, an automatic email is sent with a discount code.So, on our store if a customer enters their personal details but does not complete the checkout process then 2 days later they would be emailed with an offer to come back to the website and purchase the products using a discount code.

Many customers have loved being contacted and given a chance to buy again at a reduced price

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Another great addition to your X-Cart store is our new Cloud Backup module .It allows to easily create backups of files and database (or both) with their automatic upload to your Dropbox or any FTP server. Thus if your host’s server crashes for some reason and takes your website down with it, you’ll be able to quickly recover using the reserved copies from another server or from your Dropbox. Backups can be scheduled by you, too, so you can concentrate on selling and be sure that your online business is protected from force-majors.

Cloud Backup settings

Other additions

And last but not least, we’d like to thank our partners CFL Systems and eMagicOne for offering X-Cart merchants the following wonderful modules:

  • Google Trusted Stores Integration – get this badge and show your store visitors that your company is trustworthy, that you offer reliable shipping and excellent customer service and thus increase your store conversion rate.
  • QuickBooks Integration (Import/Export) add-on for Store Manager for X-Cart – with help of this add-on you can import and export your products, customers and orders from your X-Cart store to QuickBooks – well-known, powerful accounting software.

Both can be purchased from our website.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful week!

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