Extend storefront with local ordering and scheduling capabilities: are you interested? (fill in the short anonymous survey)

Ksenia Emelyanova
We are considering expanding X-Cart platform with some of the most advanced and feature-rich “local” ordering capabilities. The objective is to help X-Cart merchants further differentiate from competition with new sales and marketing opportunities, and also to help X-Cart resellers expand scope and cater to the fresh food/produce, local arts and craft, and the service industry.Examples include:
  • in-store pickup/delivery orders, appointments, and order reminders for retailers
  • online seasonal price sheets and wholesale ordering forms for farms and ranches
  • online menu, table reservations, and zone-based delivery orders for restaurants
  • schedule sensitive local orders for artisans and makers with limited availability
  • online equipment rentals, reservations, and registrations for service providers
SharedMall.com is an online channel that features these capabilities and more, and also makes products and promotions from independent storefronts available in multiple neighborhood and nationwide shopping marketplaces across the US. X-Cart is looking into enabling these capabilities for X-Cart merchants, in partnership with SharedMall.If you represent a US-based business or an X-Cart reseller, please help us validate interest in these expanded capabilities by taking a minute to submit the below 4-question survey. It’s anonymous, we do not collect any personal info, even don’t ask for your website URL: all we’re after is the figures=) 


Thank you for your time and responses.
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