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Anna Shvetsova
Anna Shvetsova
Marketing Manager at X‑Cart

Ecommerce Search and Navigation: Tools, Popular Solutions and Best Practices

eCommerce Tips

Configure eCommerce search and navigation tools right and your store conversion rates will increase by up to 80%. Can you believe it? Meanwhile, treating the search wrong on your eCommerce website leads to a decrease in conversion rates both on desktop and mobile devices, low average order value, bad SEO (and, as a result, less traffic) and lost customers. Luckily, there are multiple ways to level up search experience in your online store.

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva
Storyteller at X‑Cart

Delight Your Customers with Quick and Accurate Website Search and Filtering


Yeah, right, shopping online (especially if you are rushing to grab Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals) is a really enjoyable process. There’s no need to head out anywhere, just a few mouse clicks and done… your new waterproof cycling poncho is on its way to your door. In fact, it is not always a […]