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5 Online Payment Processing Trends for eCommerce in 2021

This article illustrates the payment processing market trends that will be actively developing in 2022. Among them are: the increase in the use of e-wallets, increased attention to data security, expanding the geography of payments, streamlining the payment process, etc. The information is intended to acquaint the reader with what features of the online payment market exist and what direction the payment industry is developing.

How To Create a Business Continuity Plan for Your eCommerce Business

Business continuity plans… I’m guessing before 2020, you didn’t actually have one for your eCommerce business. Let’s face it, when times are good, it’s easy to forget about creating a business continuity plan. However, when disaster strikes, you’ll need a plan to keep your critical business functions going.  We all lived through the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

13 Simple Tips to Improve Your Website [Tried & Tested Ones Only]

Where does your website stand? Have you absolutely nailed your web design and found your magic formula of how to increase web presence or are you still struggling to attract the number of visitors and potential customers you thought you will get easily? No need to go through what every expert said on how to improve a website – we have done all that for you and we have compiled a handy list of how to drive people to your website!

19 Tips to Beat eCommerce Fraud and Protect Your Site From Scammers

Accepting online payments, you may find out that your store is the place where the thief is trying to use the stolen card. It costs you money. Because the fraud losses are distributed across all merchants, we don't hear too much about them. But the truth is that the online merchants are losing way more than customers and banks together! So you should roll up the sleeves and protect your business from these expenses.

PCI-DSS Compliance Checklist [Definition + 13 Steps]

Day-to-day business is complicated enough for new e-commerce site owners, but if you accept debit or credit card transactions, one crucial part of your remit is to be completely compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. This can feel overwhelming as the PCI DSS compliance checklist is long, can seem complicated, and more often […]

Online Privacy in eCommerce: 6 Key Takeaways and Shocking Stats You Didn’t Know About

This blog post was originally contributed by Jason Chow, a Marketing and Outreach Manager at (WHSR). The eCommerce landscape has changed much since the early days of Technological innovation fueling this industry has allowed the explosive growth of cross-border trade. It is expected that by 2021, retail eCommerce sales will reach almost $4.9 trillion. […]

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