Recording of the webinar with CloudFlare: “DDOS attacks 101: what are they and how to protect your site”

Ksenia Emelyanova
CloudFlare stops attack in excess of 100 Gbps multiple times a week (some in excess of 500 Gbps), which would completely overwhelm any E-Commerce platform. These guys are true experts in what they’re doing, and they are eager to share their knowledge and experience with us. 

We’ll be speaking about

  • DDoS Definition – What is a DDoS and why do you need to protect against them
  • Background on how a web requests works – DNS and HTTP
  • What are the different types of DDoS – Volumetric, DNS, Application Level
  • Why is it so easy for attackers to launch DDoS attacks?
  • How Does CloudFlare Stop DDoS Attacks
  • Protecting Your E-commerce Site from Attack
Time, date and registration

The online seminar is scheduled for Monday, the 30th of March, and it will start at 1pm New-York time.


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About the speaker

Trey Guinn from CloudFlare
Trey Guinn leads the solutions engineering team at CloudFlare where he is responsible for the successful adoption of services by enterprise customers. A network security and performance expert, Trey has more than 14 years of experience in enterprise, infrastructure architecture, and global network design. As a global enterprise architect with KMPG, he worked on complex global deployments for major corporations and government entities. Prior to KPMG Trey designed and built mission-critical infrastructures for global trading houses and managed application providers in Europe and New Zealand.
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