X-Cart 5 Apps and Themes Roundup from April

Placeholder X-Cart 5 Apps and Themes Roundup from April

Recently X-Cart team and our partners have created lots of new features in response to your ideas and needs. We’ve gathered the information on the latest features added to marketplace into this quick overview to make sure you haven’t missed something you’ve been looking for.

Amazon Feeds

Start selling on Amazon in a few minutes and with little effort with this module, which helps to easily export your product details (name, SKU, type, description), inventory, images and pricing from your X-Cart store to Amazon.

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Pilibaba Chinese Checkout

Expand your sales to China the biggest E-commerce developing country and reach 1.3 Billion shoppers. Pilibaba Chinese Checkout is a unique combined Payment & Logistics solution to overcome the barriers of cross-border E-Commerce to China market.

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Order messages

Give your customers a strong feeling of accurate customer care, offering them an easy and convenient way to reach you and vendors selling in your store. The module allows both a customer and a seller to start conversation or open a dispute related to the order right in X-Cart.

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Lookup product details by UPC and name

Forget about painful and time consuming inventing of descriptions for dozens of your products. This module integrates your store with external product libraries with high quality product descriptions, images and specifications from official sources to be quickly added to your catalog.

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Testimonials are important for establishing credibility with your store visitors. The module allows you to collect your customers’ testimonials about their overall experience with your website, your services and products. Testimonials can be moderated and an admin can decide who can post new ones.

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Post Affiliate Pro integration

Empower your affiliate program by integrating your store with professional affiliate software. Track every website action like clicks, conversions, sales, leads etc. and assign them to the right affiliates. It’s super easy to setup and use, with an intuitive UI.

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SwipeZoom Global Payments and Shipping

Swipezoom is a full-stack payments and logistics solution that enables you to sell and ship to customers in 238 countries and territories. Regardless of the size of your business, Swipezoom makes it as simple to sell and ship internationally, as it is to your domestic customers.

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Site structured data

Add Structured Data Markup to your website: for logo, company, social profile links, breadcrumbs, rich snippets, etc. Using JSON-LD format for the structured data the module makes it easy for search engines to read and understand it.

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Fractional and Fixed quantities

This extension allows you to sell products whose quantity can be represented not only in whole but also in fractional numbers (1,2 meters, 1.56 pounds) and products available in packages with fixed quantity (6 items pack, 8 oz jar).

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Special Offers: Spend X Get Y

Create special offers where customers need to spend a particular amount in particular categories to get a discount on some of the items bought from these categories (the cheapest ones). The discount can be a fixed amount or a percentage.

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New Relic

The module increases the effectiveness of New Relic Software Analytics products for monitoring and improvement of your X-Cart store performance and customer experience, adding X-Cart specific API calls.

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Register on Checkout

Visitors who don’t have a registered profile in your store won’t be able to checkout, as with this module enabled all your visitors will need to sign in using their existing profile or register a new one in order to be able to proceed to checkout.

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Twitter User Timeline

Have all your latest Tweets displayed in the left sidebar on the homepage in your store. Due to simple and flexible settings the module is easy to configure according to your requirements.

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This module makes URL redirects management easier within your X-Cart store. You can add, remove, and configure redirects in the store back-end. The feature will be especially useful for those who have just migrated to X-Cart and needs to set proper redirects to keep SEO rankings.

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Shipping Per Product

This mod is perfect for stores carrying items that can only be shipped via some particular methods. It allows you to set which shipping methods are available for each product.

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New Payment Gateway Integrations

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