X-Cart 5 Apps Roundup Since May 2016

Anna Shvetsova

Take a moment to check X-Cart 5 New Arrivals. X-Cart developers and partners have done a great job and here is a list of the latest free and paid modules you can easily start using to refine your online business.


Color Swatches

Visualize your product options to make it more convenient for your store visitors to perceive them. The module displays product options, such as color, fabric, design, etc as clickable swatches on the product page. The module is fully compatible with attributes and variants features.

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Excel export / import

This module will be very helpful if you prefer to work with data using MS Office or OpenOffice. It extends the default Import/Export functionality and adds an opportunity to import and export data in .xls (Excel 5), .xlsx (Excel 2007), .ods (OpenDocument) formats.

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Price Countdown

Let your customers know how many days and hours/minutes/seconds are left to the end of this or that product deal. The module allows you to add countdown widgets to product page, cart page and product listing in category.

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Order Returns

The module improves returns management in your store. It adds an opportunity for customers to claim returns directly through their accounts in your store. The administrator can approve and decline returns.

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Post Affiliate Pro integration

This module integrates your store with Post Affiliate Pro. It’s an affiliate tracking software designed to help you to create a powerful affiliate program. It tracks clicks, conversions, sales, leads, etc and assigned them to corresponding affiliates.

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LiveAgent helpdesk setup

The module integrates your store with LiveAgent. It’s a multi-channel software that makes it easy to communicate with your customers through chats, emails, calls and social media.

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This module allows your customers to leave a review about your service, products and overall experience with the website. Testimonials can be moderated and admin can decide who can post new ones.

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Newsletter Subscriptions

The module allows you to add a sign-up form into the footer making it easy for your store visitors to subscribe for your company news. It can forward all collected e-mail addresses to Mailchimp if the latter is enabled.

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Backup Master

With this module you won’t worry about any server or software issues that can ruin your site. It allows you to create full backups of your store. If anything happens you’ll always be able to restore your shop to a working condition from the backup files.

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Tree-like Categories Menu

The module expands the functionality of Flyout Categories Menu and changes the menu into Tree-like type.

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Design beautiful forms in Wufoo and add them to static pages of your store to collect data, registrations and even payments. You can add contact forms, online surveys, researches, invitations, etc.

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Background Video Banner

Using video backgrounds or full-screen video on a eCommerce website seems to be a growing trend. The module allows you to use videos as background of your homepage so that your site visitors can see what your products look like from all angles.

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The module integrates your store with Muut services. It allows you to add comment widgets to product pages and forum widgets to static pages in your store. Use Muut to build your community and make your store more engaging for customers.

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The module integrates your store with Pnyxe services and allows you to add comment and forum widgets to the static pages. Build relationships with your store visitors, answer their questions, let them communicate with each other, and gain more traffic to your site and more loyal customers.

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One Product

The module partially disables the store functionality to make it fit businesses selling one product only (for example a book, some software or some service). It turns homepage into the product details page.

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One category

This module completely disables Categories functionality in the storefront: categories block in the side menu, categories in product search, breadcrumbs. Products from catalog are not sorted by categories and are displayed right on the homepage.

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Beanstream / Digital River
(Hosted Payment Form)

The module integrates your X-Cart store with Beanstream’s online payment processing service via Payment Form method. Beanstream is a PCI Level 1 (the highest level) certified service provider, so you don’t have to worry about your customers’ credit card security.

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Rabo OmniKassa

The module integrates your X-Cart store with Rabo OmniKassa, a multi-channel payment solution. The payment page is optimised for mobile devices.

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