X-Cart 5 Apps & Themes Roundup: Backorder, Make an Offer and more

Anna Shvetsova
Anna Shvetsova
Marketing manager at X‑Cart

Recently we’ve got a whole bunch of new apps and themes. To help you keep up-to-date with X-Cart 5 new arrivals, we’ve prepared this quick overview.

New X-Cart Addons

Backorder / Preorder

If a product is out of stock, your customers still have an opportunity to buy it, in other words – preorder or backorder. The module allows you to set if a product is available for backorder or not and what its arrival date is.

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This addon from our partners is similar to the previous one. It also allows to preorder products that are out of stock now. Besides, a store administrator can set a preorder price.

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Memberships for payment methods

Limit access to payment methods for your customers according to the membership levels the customers belong to. On checkout, a customer will see only the payment methods available for his membership.

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Malabi Background Remover

The module integrates X-Cart with Malabi to simplify image editing process. It allows to get beautiful and converting images in seconds without leaving your store back-end.

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Import My Latest Tweet to Sidebar

Import your latest tweet into your X-Cart 5 store right into the sidebar. Your customers will see both text and image (if available) from your last post on Twitter.

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Login with Vk.com / Ok.ru

Have got many customers from Russia? Let them quickly sign into your store with their accounts in the most popular Russian social networks – Odnoklassniki and VKontakte.

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Make an Offer

This module allows customers to submit an offer to purchase your products and services at a price different from the one set for this product or service. Admin can then either accept or decline the offer.

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Price Match Request

Let your customers help you monitor over competitors pricing. The module allows your store visitors to request a price for the product that will match the one from any of your competitors.

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The module integrates X-Cart with Blue Snap, a payment processor and payment gateway providing a merchant account. The Blue Snap credit card form will be displayed in X-Cart checkout via an iframe.

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Canadian Taxes

This module has been developed specially for calculating taxes in Canada (GST, PST, HST, QST). Now, it’s significantly easier to manage taxes if your store is based in Canada due to flexible module settings.

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Froala WYSIWYG Editor Integration

This module replaces default WYSIWYG editor with the one from Froala. The new editor is clean and modern, and offers a rich set of text editing capabilities.

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Orders Import

The module adds an opportunity to import orders to your store. The tool will add new orders and update (but not remove) the existing orders.

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Trusted/Non-trusted vendors

If you own a multi-vendor store and have special requirements to the product pages content added by the vendors, enable this module and have the products available for sale only after you approve them.

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Updated Addons

Banner System

We’ve added text fields with color pickers for each banner, so that you could add promo texts. Now you can create banners with parallax effect. Also, banners can be displayed to customers depending on their membership levels and each static page of your store can have its own banner. Besides, this feature has got new modern and more user-friendly interface.

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AuthorizeNet Accept.js

We’ve added the ability to issue refunds, as well as capture and void funds. Refund and capture can be partial and repeated within one transaction.

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New X-Cart Design Templates

Besides the new tools, we are also glad to offer a whole range of new beautiful and stylish design templates for X-Cart.

All for Home

Alcoholic Beverage

Sports Clothes Equipment


Scuba Diving Equipment

Trendy Fashion

X-Cart Ultra Template