X-Cart 5 New Apps & Themes: Multisite, Zapier, Google Optimize, 15+ Design Templates and more

Placeholder X-Cart 5 New Apps & Themes: Multisite, Zapier, Google Optimize, 15+ Design Templates and more

Hey, looks like we haven’t announced the latest X-Cart apps & themes for quite some time. Meanwhile, a lot of new features have been released. So, here is a quick overview of the latest extensions. Which one does your store miss?

New Tools and Integrations


Take your store to a new level and split it into multiple websites on different languages, with a different set of categories and products, accessible at different domain names. Meanwhile, the whole business management is convenient and done via single back-end.

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SEO Health Check

Is your site ready for search engines? Perform the SEO Health Check test to find out the SEO issues that need to be fixed in your online store and get useful recommendations on improving your SEO performance.

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Gift wrapping

Would your buyers love to order gifts for their nearest and dearest from you? Well, make the gift shopping simple for them. The addon adds a gift wrapping and a gift message options to your checkout page.

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Buy button

Add your products accompanied with the Buy button to your blog or friends’ website, or your newsletter, hence expanding your sales channels and reducing steps required to complete the order.

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Custom Site Messages

Want to deliver certain information to certain buyers? This addon will show custom messages in specific pages during the specified period of time, based on your buyers country, shipping/billing address, visited page, etc.

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Advanced Contact Us Form

Create a perfect Contact us page: add more fields, blocks with additional information, links to social accounts, a map with a route to your store, and slightly customize the look of the page using this simple tool right in your store back-end.

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Facebook E-Commerce

Sync your online store catalog with Facebook Catalog in a few clicks and make maximum use of Facebook Marketing opportunities to have your product ads reach the right audience in the right place at the right time.

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Feedonomics Product Feed Management

Easily export and optimize your X-cart product feed to channels like Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Amazon, etc. and see which products adhere to best practices, check for broken links and images, filter out poor performing products to maximize profitability, and more.

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Google Tag Manager

Сollect information on your website using this integration with Google Tag Manager and report it to Google or 3rd party services for further processing and analyzing. This will help you a lot when taking decisions on your site improvement.

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Google Customer Reviews Integration

Easily integrate your online store with Google Customer Reviews program to allow Google collect customer reviews from your buyers. The seller ratings appear on Search Ads, in Google Shopping, and on an optional badge that will be displayed on your site.

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Google Optimize

A/b test customer experience in your online store and get rich customer behavioral insights using Google Optimize to take the right decision when implementing changes in your storefront. See what impact your marketing and design solutions have on your store visitors.

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Magic Scroll for X-Cart 5

Demonstrate your products beautifully on scroll, playing with direction, speed, animated effects, spacing, and design of the product carousel. The addon is especially great if your products have multiple images.

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Magic Slideshow for X-Cart 5

Delight your store visitors with the professional presentation of your products. With more than 25 settings you can configure the way your customers see the images on the product page exactly as you need.

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Magic 360 for X-Cart 5

Show products from every angle. The 360 viewer merges lots of images into an interactive one. Customers turn the product 360 degrees using their mouse or their finger on touchscreen devices.

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Magic Zoom for X-Cart 5

Let your customers examine every inch of the products you sell providing them with the detailed product zoom on hover. The tool is fully responsive and will work perfectly on any screen.

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MultiScraper PRO

Save days and even weeks adding products from a big market to your X-Cart store. The MultiScraper will automatically upload all the necessary products in bulk directly into your store.

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Sync your X-Cart store with any of dozens of applications and avoid annoying manual work. Create your own automated workflows based on the events that happen in your store like sending your Order information to Google sheet or creating a new Mailchimp subscriber right after an order is placed.

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Apart from these tools and features we’ve got:

Also, we’ve enhanced some of the previously released addons.

  • Back in Stock Notifications now sends price drop notifications, too. It also allows customers to set the price for the product they would like to pay and a minimum available quantity they need. As soon as the price decreases to the specified amount, or when there is a necessary amount of the product in stock, customers will get notifications.

  • Segment has recently integrated with more services: Criteo, Kinesis Firehose, Hotjar, Intellimize, Wigzo, Delighted, Wishpond, LinkedIn Ads, Sailthr, Batch, Chatlio and Radar. You can use all of them due to the integration addon.

  • X-Payments now supports Signifyd, a powerful tool to help you fight fraud more efficiently.

New Design Templates



Notillis Shoe Store

Kitchen Supplies Store

Bike Pro

Eveprest Fashion

Bella Shop




Wine Tone





Spare Parts Store



Don’t see the feature you need or would love to have some of the new features changed? Contact us. It’s highly likely that we have a solution in place. Otherwise, we’ll be happy to create one for you. And you’re always welcome to share your ideas. Most popular appear as part of X-Cart editions or as new addons every major version release.

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