X-Cart Apps & Themes Roundup: Google reCaptcha, Make/Model/Year, Products Map and more

Placeholder X-Cart Apps & Themes Roundup: Google reCaptcha, Make/Model/Year, Products Map and more
Hey! Have a look at the new arrivals and cool X-Cart features updates we’ve baked with love for you since the latest apps & themes roundup in January.

X-Cart 4 New Addons

Point of Sale / Phone Ordering

Unify eCommerce, In-Store, and Phone orders into your X-Cart and maintain the inventory and orders in one place. Flexible setting and intuitive interface make monitoring and managing of business processes handy and efficient.

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Google reCaptcha for xc4

Protect your store from bots still offering easy access to it for your customers. Due to flexible settings you can choose at what pages should the Google reCaptcha appear.

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Feed Manager Pro Bundle

This is a discounted bundle of all feeds addons from BCS engineering saving you over $200. It allows manual and automatic email feeds, FTP upload feeds, downloading feeds, saving feeds to the server. All in a single space!

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X-Cart 5 New Addons

Products Map

Give your customers an extra easy way to find what they need. The module adds an alphabetic A-Z first letter search to your storefront.

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Google reCAPTCHA

This module protects your X-Cart 5 store from robots and spam and at the same time doesn’t bother your real customers with annoying verification procedures. One click, and your customers move forward.

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This is a must have tool for stores selling auto parts. It adds Make, Model, Year and Engine filters to the storefront to guarantee that your store visitors find the right vehicle parts.

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Post-Checkout Upsell

Want to upsell but feel like related products promotions annoy customers and may prevent a purchase? Try this module to upsell products when the order is already placed and allows your customers to make additional purchases in a few clicks.

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Single Sign-On with OAuth 2

Accelerate the registration and login procedure in your online store: let your customers reuse their accounts in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, PayPal or any other identity provider working with the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

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Checkout Address Autocomplete and Restrictions

Exclude undesired addresses by restricting particular cities and/or postal codes. Enable shipping and billing address auto completion for customers to shorten the checkout time and avoid typos at the same time.

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Web Push Notification

Want your customers to be up-to-date with the latest news and offers in your online store? Set web push notifications that your store visitors will be able to opt-in and learn about the updates even when they are not browsing your store.

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Integrate your store with PayFort, the leading online payment gateway in the Middle East recognized by various partners and awarding bodies. PayFort allows accepting payments in 80+ currencies from customers all over the world.

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X-Cart 5 Addons Updates

Amazon feeds has got an opportunity to sync orders placed on Amazon with your X-Cart store. Also, we’ve updated the list of supported Amazon categories in the module settings.

Lookup product details by UPC and name now adds Quick product creation page into the Catalog section in the back-end which allows to add new products taking data from 3rd party libraries. Previously it allowed only updating product data for existing products.

Excel import / export option is now added to products/categories/orders/users lists, so now you can quickly export data in XLS / XLSX / ODS formats right from the list pages.

Price countdown turns the sale price for the product off as soon as the sale time is over. Previous versions of the module could only add the offer countdown widgets to the storefront and didn’t impact the price change. Besides, it has got new design and import/export support.

AuthorizeNet accept.js now allows refunding, capturing and voiding payments. Refunds and captures can be partial and repeating.

Color swatches addon fully supports export and import of its data and settings.

X-Cart eBay Integration has got bidirectional catalog synchronization, i.e. if you update a product on eBay, the changes will be applied to the product in X-Cart back-end. What is more, if you add a product on eBay, it will be created in your X-Cart back-end, too. Also, you can synchronize your X-Cart catalog with eBay sites of several different countries at a time. Sell more doing less!

Happy installing and updating:)

X-Cart 5 Design Templates


80’s mod

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