X-Cart comes to Russia

Ksenia Emelyanova

Have you already noticed this selector on our website?

Do you think it simply translates the language of the interface? It does not! It points to a new page (in Russian, right), where one can download not simply a translated into Russian international package of x-cart,(the Russian language pack has already been available recently), but a localization of the software adjusted for specific Russian Market.

Localization selector

Take a look at these screenshots of admin and customer area – “Matreshka’s” product details page, adding “Monopoly” to cart and configuring modules, specific for Russia.

The Russian pack includes 3 payment integration modules – Robokassa, Web-money, ASSIST-and ‘EMS-russian post’ shipping integration.

Robokassa, Web-money, EMS-russian post, ASSIST

And, traditionally, 2 large buttons =)

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