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Anna Shvetsova
Anna Shvetsova
Marketing manager at X‑Cart
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As opposed to shopping in the real world, when shopping online we only really utilize one of our senses: sight. This means that the perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand is judged solely by the quality and aesthetics of your imagery.

No wonder that post processing of product photos arouses so much interest of X-Carters. This topic has been covered in the guest post from Darren DeMatas and today we’ll continue talking about editing product images.

Malabi Background Remover

Recently we’ve partnered with Camera51 and integrated their awesome creation, Malabi Background Remover, straight into X-Cart. Right, this tool removes background from your product images. More than that, you never leave your store back-end to accomplish it and the whole process is automated.

Remove background tool
Background removed with Malabi
Marking background to remove
Ready image with removed background

Folks at Camera51 are true specialists in the field of digital imagery, having developed several different camera apps for mobile. Doing so they recognized the demand in the field of eCommerce for a product that would make your life as an online merchant much easier. That’s how Malabi Background Remover has appeared.

It uses the latest technology of computer vision in order to ‘see’ the picture it is processing, a super complex algorithm that allows to distinguish the object from the background with pinpoint accuracy. Boom. There it is.

Malabi saves you a ton of your 3 most valuable resources: time, energy & money. You just upload your photos in a regular manner, get the background removed and have them sent back to you ready to go in a matter of seconds. The good news is that you don’t need an expensive camera to make stunning images on your own – even your phone camera may work here.

Today, X-Cart is the only platform that offers this kind of service for an unlimited number of images for a fixed and very affordable price – only 10$ per month. The alternatives are doing this on your own with an app that is not automated, a grueling task that can take hours if not days of tedious work, or you can hire a designer to do it for you and pay a pretty penny for their services…

So, why do I need a white background for my product images?

Good question! Our friends from Camera51 have become really good at answering this one… Here are some quick facts they’ve shared with us:

White is the default and also the standard on almost every eCommerce platform and online marketplace. Ever wondered the reason behind this?

  • It has been researched, tested and proven: busy backgrounds overstimulate online shoppers, taking the focus off of the products on display and increasing exit and bounce rates. In other words, white background helps to create a much easier decision-making process for the consumer, as well as a more pleasant shopping experience, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.
  • It has also been verified that when there’s less clutter, it’s easier to notice the important elements on the page such as price, product description, promotions and most importantly the checkout button, which stands out best on white.

Of course, there is the option to put in any background you like in case you want something other than white. But here are a few more reasons why white is right:

  • Easy to change themes and color schemes (matches everything);
  • Use the same images on multiple selling platforms and online marketplaces;
  • Smaller files: reduced file sizes means faster loading speed and less storage;
  • Looks better on mobile.

Finally, less is more, basic is beautiful and keep it simple are great design guidelines that have countlessly proven themselves.

A Great Product Image Starts from a Great Photo

We’ve asked the good guys at Camera51 to advise what are the most important things you should take into consideration when making product photos. So here is a bunch of tips which they have accumulated over their years of experience:

  • Make your product as attractive to the eye as possible. Keep the attention on it and remember that clear, straightforward images drive higher traffic and conversions.
  • A good packshot should answer questions that may arise regarding the product. Think everything through before doing a photo shoot. Angles, close-ups, show the product in use…
  • Use natural light. That means sunlight, but not direct. The best is during the daytime, indoors in a place with many windows that let the light in. Unless you have a professional setup, DO NOT USE A FLASH.
  • Focus. It’s hardly possible to stress this one enough. Make sure your images are sharp and crisp. Once they’re on your computer, open them up in a photo viewer and zoom in on them closely to make sure they’re not fuzzy.
  • Use a backdrop that contrasts the colors of your product. It will improve the result generated by the image background remover.
  • Angles. Show at least 3 images of your product from different angles and distances. But no more than 7, too many can confuse your potential buyer.
  • Take more pictures and play around. Don’t trust your phone or camera display, smaller screens tend to make images appear sharper and more colorful. If you really want to see how the picture came out, look at it on a large computer screen and zoom in to see the details.
  • Quality. Make sure you are taking all your pictures at the highest image quality and the highest possible resolution. Remember, you can always compress the file size if it’s too big but you can’t up the quality of the image you took.

Try out Malabi Background Remover in your X-Cart 5 store. It will take you just a few minutes to start: find the Malabi Background Remover addon in Modules Marketplace in X-Cart back-end, install it and set it up. You can subscribe to the service right from the addon settings page. That’s it! Now you can quickly and easily transform your product photos. Happy photo shooting!

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