X-Cart Next v 1.2.3 released: more features at lower cost!

Ksenia Emelyanova

We’re announcing the release of X-Cart Next v.1.2.3 and introduce new subscription plans.


X-Cart Next
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and added 3 new modules:

  • ProductFilters
  • ProductComparison

Moreover, we have improved the admin area

  • implemented the products cloning feature
  • changed the way the product list is displayed

I like these changes, let me please introduce them below.


The name is self-explanatory. This module allows the customer to compare the products he selected. The attributes these products share (price, weight, custom attributes) are used for comparison. Since there will always be several common attributes, such as price or weight, the customer can compare whatever products.

Those who tried X-Cart Next may already be acquainted with the classes mechanism of this software. Say, you create class ‘Apparel’ and add such attributes as ‘material’, ‘brand’, ‘gender’ to this class. Once you assign the products to this class, the ‘material’, ‘brand’, ‘gender’ attributes will be editable on the product details page. The supported attribute types are: Text, Number, Select and Checkbox. This is some kind of custom fields, and all these fields can participate in comparison.

This is how the module behaves:

  • Adding products to comparison list

    The customer can add the products to comparison list from product list page, from Quick Look and from product details page. Equally easy – in a single click on the same page – can he exclude the product from comparison. The interface is very clear, user-friendly, and still unobtrusive.

Add to comparison list
  • Managing the comparison list

    Once 2 or more products are selected, the customer can compare the products on a products comparison page (opened by clicking the ‘Compare’ button).The products are displayed as a sidebar block, where the customer can exclude the products one by one or quickly clear all the list.

  • Comparing the products

    The comparison tool is arranged as a table, with the products being n in columns and their attributes – in rows. Since the customer can compare any products, it’s possible that some attributes (e.g. gender) may be inapplicable for some category of products (such as maternity clothes) but will be required for another category (such as shoes). In this case the column with missing attribute gender will still be present in this table for both ‘jacket’ and ‘maternity dress’ , but it will be empty under the latter product.
    Too long attribute values are being trimmed (with the tooltip displaying the complete text).
    If there are too many products, or if these products have too many attributes, and they can not fit the page, the scrolls will appear.
    By default the attributes with the same values (e.g. if 2 products are for ‘men’) are hidden, but the customer can select the ‘display all attributes’ mode.
    In addition to class-based attributes, the comparison table always contain price and weight, as well as ‘add to cart’ and ‘remove from comparison’ buttons.

compare products


Just like the module above, this one also uses classes, or attributes, to be exact. It displays the filter on the category page. The sidebar block displays those attributes which exist (were created by the admin) for this very category.

Use cases are described below:

  • Configure filters in admin area

    As already mentioned above the attributes are defined on the class level. By selecting the classes on category page, admin defines which attributes will be available as filters (or whether the filter should not be displayed at all) on the corresponding category page. Globally, admin can also enable/disable filters by price and presence in stock.

  • Use filters in customer area

    If the filter is enabled for given category, the panel appears in the left side menu. When any filter is changed, the ‘Show products’ button appears next to it. There’s also the ‘Show products’ button at the bottom of the Filters panel, as well as ‘Reset filters’ one. Thus the customer initiates the filter application and the page is being refreshed, so that to display the filtered results only.



Just like in X-Cart Classic, the products can now be cloned. The cloning implies that all the attributes and characteristics are being copied , the SKU is generated automatically and the ‘clone’ word is added to the product title.

  • If the admin has created several clones, they will be shown in a separate list (which is actually a result of search query ‘ clone ’), and mass update is supported: admin can change the product titles, SKU, price, quantity in stock. It’s also possible to go to product modify page to edit the rest.

  • If only one clone is created, the product list step will be omitted, and the admin will be redirected to the product details page right away.

Cloned products


has been improved. In addition to cosmetic changes, there are some functionality ones:

  • The search bar above the list has been added

Search bar
    • the float box with action buttons has been replaced with a more convenient sticky panel
Sticky panel


This is a great news for developers, especially those ones, who develop integrations with 3rd party systems. The REST API module is at your service from now on! The tool is very convenient as you will be able to securely work with the store data without direct access to the server.
In addition to the module itself we supply detailed development documentation. We also provide the library which will speed up the creation of PHP applications using REST API. This library uses Guzzle framework.


For Beginners, for Growing Businesses, for “Grown-Ups”, for Huge Stores, for Developers and those who want X-Cart Next – Downloadable

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Not only have we improved the software, but also the subscription plans. We expand the line of plans for X-Cart Next to offer more options for your convenience!

For just starting merchants we offer new Basic subscription plan. At the lower price ($19.95/month instead of $29.95/month) you get the same set of features as previously, 1GB to store your product files and five premium modules: ProductComparison,Wholesale prices, Coupons, Volume Discounts and User Permissions.

Once you feel the Basic plan is becoming too tight for your growing needs, you’re welcome to upgrade to the new Standard plan. This plan allows up to 3000 products, gives you 3GB of storage (plus you can extend the limit by using a reliable and highly scalable Amazon S3 service). Also, starting from this plan you can add custom features to your website and thus tailor your store to your business needs.

With the improved Advanced subscription plan you get twice as much as previously but at the old price! The plan now allows up to 10000 products, gives you 5GB of server space (again, extendable by using the Amazon S3 service) and offers premium Instant Search module. New module ‘ProductFilter’ appears in this plan too. Starting from the Advanced plan you also get high priority support!

Even the 10000 products limitation can turn out to be too tight for a really huge store, that’s why the Business plan has also been revised and improved. Now the plan allows the unlimited number of products, 10GB of storage and offers the high-priority support via e-mail and Skype!

If you want X-Cart Next – downloadable please contact us to discuss the details.
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