Dedicated server administrator

You’ve done everything right: week after week, day and night, you’ve improved your site: fancy design, user-friendly tools, SEO optimization. You’re attracting more and more guests, and implementing successful new advertising campaigns. Your business is growing by leaps and bounds, but one day you receive a wake-up call when customers start complaining that the site freezes and admins sigh that data update or export takes more time than ever.

X-asperated by performance issues?

What should you do? Should the server software be upgraded? Should you tune MySQL? Install PHP extensions? Could there be a bug in your custom code? Or can your default code be refactored? With no idea where to start and the pressure on to provide a fast solution, where do you turn?

Turn to the X-perts for Help!

Purchase 2-4 hours of “Dedicated Server Administrator” time from X-Cart, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to one of our X-Cart server administration gurus with up to 10 years experience

  • Complete control of the process

  • Regular communication via MSN or Skype

  • Guaranteed results: if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, order another day of work on your site designed to get you even closer to perfection!

So stop stressing and start getting the help you need, contact us today.