Web-server administration services

E-commerce merchants hosting online stores on dedicated servers often find themselves in situations requiring special technical knowledge they simply don’t have. Most store owners don’t know how to configure the web server, optimize its performance or install third-party applications. Yet many hosting providers don’t bundle technical support with their dedicated servers.So what’s an online merchant to do?

Have no fear, X-Cart is here!

In order to help you with configuring and maintaining your server we provide a variety of web-server administration services, from setting up individual software components and providing consultations to the administration of your whole cycle of hosting, dedicated server, or a set of Web, mail, database and DNS and other servers from your network.

How We Can Help


  • Consultation on software and hardware configuration

  • PHP, MySQL, Apache installation and configuration

  • High-performance NginX web server installation and configuration


  • Transfer of an existing X-Cart store to a new host

  • Installation of third-party web applications (X-Cart modules, forums, content management systems, photo galleries, etc…)

  • PHP, MySQL, Apache and NginX maintenance and upgrade


  • PCI-DSS compliant server setup

  • SSL certificate and SSL logo installation (including CSR generation and assistance in purchasing the certificate)

  • Security audit and secure web-server configuration


  • Server optimization for X-Cart software

  • Tuning and optimization of high-loaded stores, sites and servers

  • PHP/MySQL/Apache settings optimization