Upgrade service

Everything flows, everything changes. Keeping up with the Joneses in the e-commerce sphere is a challenging task now that the technologies are developing at a breakneck speed. X-Cart team is working hard to pack the software up with the new built-in features, not forgetting about security. Moreover, newer and newer modules are being constantly released and all these bells and whistles are for the latest versions!

Our experts will carefully upgrade the store for you! You do not risk anything:

  • The work is done on the development server of ours first. You’re welcome to test the upgraded store thoroughly before uploading.
  • The switch will be smooth for you and your valued customers – all the database is preserved, your products, settings, orders and customers data are safe and sound.
  • We offer both partial and complex cart upgrade so you can choose whether you need our assistance with some particular task only ( e.g. a database upgrade) or you prefer to get a turnkey upgrade service.

Enjoy the benefits of the latest version, come on and get it!