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I am the president and founder of Cellular Abroad, Inc. eCommerce store.

Growing up, I lived between Rome (Italy) and Los-Angeles (California). I have also lived in Norway, Japan, Spain, the Phillippines and have travelled extensively. When I first started Cellular Abroad, you could not use your phone in another country. While things have evolved considerably, it is still very expensive to use big providers’ services. In addition, they provide very limited services.

The vast travelling experience gave me the idea of facilitating mobile communications for travellers hence the online store was opened. We have a lot of options and solutions for travellers who need to stay connected. Since 2007, Cellular Abroad has been National Geographic Licensees and also the company behind the National Geographic Travel Phone and the National Geographic Travel SIM.

In this sphere, there aren’t other companies who offer the vast array of services that Cellular Abroad eCommerce store offers. In addition, our support team is highly experienced and our focus has always been to match the best solutions for our customers for their specific needs.

We chose X-Cart for our shopping cart platform since X-Cart is highly customizable. That was instrumental to us when we were building our website with an online store.

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