Success Story About 'Rugs a Million' eCommerce website

Success Story About 'Rugs a Million' eCommerce website
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I’m responsible for leading the development of our eCommerce website, providing the content in the online store and deciding the direction of specials and other marketing.

Rugs a Million is an Australian family owned and operated company employing over 100 people and is a true rug specialist. After several previous sites and some limited abilities, we wanted to grow our online presence further. So we went to New Business Media — a Brisbane Web Development Agency. They recommended X-Cart PHP eCommerce platform to us as the best option to achieve the type of display and purchasing options we were looking for.

Our new X-Cart eCommerce store gave much better options for customers and us and provided a faster and adaptive site to suit more of our buyers. With our online store, customers can see designs in varied colours instead of just one rug. It also provides a quick and easy range for them to see in a style of their choice without having to click on each item to look at the colors it comes in. This all gives our customers a much larger choice to browse through and find the right rug for any taste and budget. And, of course, it lets us sell our products online more effectively.

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