Skin Actives

Skin Actives
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Skin Actives Scientific eCommerce store supplies skin care actives to home users and small private label firms who wish to design products customized for their own needs. Our experts review scientific and industry literature to find the best skin care actives and then provide our customers with the information they need in an easy to understand way. This is our third version of the eCommerce website: we started on eBay and then used a primitive website builder to create our own website. X-Cart shopping software is much more advanced than the last store that we had designed for us.

Our company has a large number of products, each requiring a large amount of information to be communicated to the end-users, and our eCommerce site makes it easier for them to obtain the information without becoming overwhelmed. This has led to customers needing much less help with basic questions. But what we love most about our online store is the product selector (a custom solution built by our web designers, Rocket Media) that guides customers towards the products that they need, making life easier for them and making selling online faster for us.

X-Cart eCommerce shopping cart software seems to be very customizable and very reliable. We are very happy with the product.

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