I am the owner of YOYOGA AG and only emlpoyee, which means I manage the whole business of our two webshops.

I found a great product, the JadeYoga mats, that were not available in Europe at the time (2008) and came up with the idea to distribute the mats in Europe exclusively to retail and wholesale clients.

What I like in my online stores is that they are flexible and can be customized exactly to the processes I need at not that much cost. As a small company it’s worth everything that I can organize the webshops around my process and not vice versa.

My two shops (http://www.jadeyoga.ch and www.jadeyogashop.eu) are more targeted to wholesale clients than to retail clients. I don’t think there are many webshops out there that focus on B2B sales.

Originally we chose X-Cart for our online shops because the producer of our products (JadeYoga USA) had used it and we wanted to be in line with his webshop. It’s mostly the possibility to customize X-Cart that makes our business easier and a lot more efficient.

Website: www.jadeyogashop.eu

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