W3C Standards Compliance service

X-Cart Web Design Team is pleased to offer the service that consists in bringing your online store into the compliance with the major W3C standards. The service incorporates our best practices and great experience in building high-quality and flawless websites for our clients. Within the service, we examine the markup validity of the store layout and 100% of store pages, including the product catalog and the static content, and fix the found errors.

About W3C and W3C Standards

The W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium, the main standards organization for Web technologies that primarily aims at developing industrial specifications and guidelines for web developers. The recommendations issued by W3C get adopted by major vendors as the standard to ensure compatibility and agreement among the various industry members.

Why Need to Comply

Compliance with the major W3C standards gives your website a number of important benefits. The most significant advantages derived from W3C compliance are:

Search Engine Optimization

Bringing the website into the compliance with the W3C standards involves tangible reduction of the excessive code within the website. This introduces new SEO-related opportunities for your store as less code tend to reduce the code-to-content ration of the website, providing emphasis on the website content rather than on the code.

Along with other SEO-wise benefits that include better indexability, compact keyword placement, etc., this makes the whole website more visible to search engine crawlers and spiders, and increases the relevancy of your store pages, which generally improves the store standing with many popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

Website accessibility and compatibility

Having a compliant website ensures that it will be properly read and interpreted by all major web browsers. This should help you enhance your customers’ experience and cover a greater audience as your store will be displayed correctly regardless your customers’ environment.

How to Check and Fix

W3C offers a special markup validation service known as W3C Validator, which is of free access at https://validator.w3.org. The validator allows users to check markup validity of every single page. You need only to enter the full URL of the page you want to check, and the validator will provide a detailed report about any found errors, if any. Then, you can fix the errors yourself.

However, when you need to check the whole website, this can become rather a resource-consuming task to check and fix all the store pages one-by-one, especially if the content is generated automatically. In such a situation you need a more comprehensive and advanced service like the one we offer.

W3C Standards Compliance service

How to Order

Within our W3C Standards Compliance service, we validate the common layout of your online store and 100% of the store pages, and then our engineers fix all the found errors so that your store could completely comply with the major W3C standards.

The layout and markup validation goes through our in-house validator, which you are welcome to test and try at https://validator.w3.org/checklink. You only need to enter the URL of your store, and the service will check and report about the pages of your store. This is quite enough to decide whether you need to bring your store into the compliance with the W3C standards.

If yes, you can order to get your online store fixed by our engineers.
The basic cost of this service starts from $995.00.

Important! The exact cost of the service for a particular website may vary depending on the number of products in the store catalog and the amount of static content, the number of errors in the store layout and markup, the number of languages you use in the store, the X-Cart version.