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Order reports
Price: $249.00
The module tells you which products and categories drive you the most revenue; people from what countries and states generate you the most sales.
Price: $79.00
Allows you to recover orders by showing special offers to customers before they leave your web site.
X-Cart Mobile Admin lets you easily manage your online store from your Android smatphone. iOS version now available too.
Sales Advisor module
Price: $99.00
A bundle of 2 modules aimed at increasing your sales. WIth "Cart Upselling" your customers will see product recommendations on the cart page. With "Promotional messages" you will encourage the users to spend more, informing them about special offers available.
Price: $99.00
Bongo International is a comprehensive eCommerce solution provider that to enables the US-based merchants to reach international consumers. Global expansion, fraud protection, new revenue - this is what you get. Ship your goods to over 200 countries around the World - with Bongo.
Reach new markets with X-Cart. Sell both online and offline using just one software. Control the products, orders and inventory of both retail and online stores within a single web interface.
Price: $0.00
Save time and money with the shipping solution built for eCommerce retailers! ShippingEasy downloads orders in real-time and automates your shipping based on carrier, service, package and more. Quickly fulfill orders placed on your website and marketplaces.
PayPal Here for X-Cart 4 Classic
Price: $0.00
The easiest way to accept any form of payment. Wherever your business goes, your sales can go too.
eBay Integration
Price: $0.00

Connect your X-Cart 4-based store in minutes and manage your eBay listings in seconds. In bulk or one by one, manually or automatically, you can send and update products, variants, images, descriptions and prices. The module also supports orders import back to X-Cart, so you can manage them in the X-Cart admin back end.

Price: $249.00
The full power of the most famous blogging platform right inside your store.
Price: from$49.95
Give your customers – and yourself – peace of mind with this payment processing module that guarantees compliance with PCI security mandates, significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and ensures you won’t be hit with a fine of up to $500,000 for non-compliance. Safely and conveniently store customers' credit card information to use for new orders, reorders or recurring payments.
Mobile Skin for Classic (v4.x)
Looking for a solution how make your online shop supports mobile devices? Use this add-on to get a mobile version in a few clicks.
Abandoned Cart Reminder
Give every order a second chance! Recapture lost sales by following up potential customers.
Rich Google Search Results
Increase your click-through Rates by enhancing your store’s product snippets that appear on a Google Search Results page.
Refine Filters
Price: $165.00
Help your customers stop looking for a needle in a haystack with X-Cart’s Refine Filters module. Refine Filters offers a brand new way of navigating your store that allows customers to quickly find exactly what they need.
Pop-up Anywhere
Price: $99.00
Want to attract the attention of every customer to important messages, enlarge the number of subscribers to your e-mail newsletter and Facebook likers? Pop-up Anywhere module is what you’re looking for.
Price: from$0.00
This SaaS solution enables enterprise-class search capabilities like auto-suggest and spelling correction to boost search conversion rates for your X-Cart based store.
Infinite Scroll
Price: $99.00
Quick, trendy Ajax-based add-on module which replaces boring pagination with Facebook-wall-like infinite scrolling to the pages of your X-Cart store.
f-Commerce Go
Price: from$0.00
Add X-Cart to your Facebook pages and increase sales using Facebook as a sales channel.
Price: $99.00
Build a brand for the cost of some time and creativity. Promote your store and goods via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks.
AntiFraud service reduces chargebacks by identifing online fraud using sophisticated checking algorithm. It is best for merchants selling e-goods with immediate electronic delivery (like software, music, content, etc.) and for merchants trading overseas. Calculate yourself: average credit card fraud for CNP transactions is 0.118%. If you process more than $50,000 annually you can save money using this service.
BrainTree integration for X-Cart
Use the BrainTree payment gateway in your X-Cart store to process credit card payments via a merchant account that offers recurring billing options and credit card storage.
Hot Products for X-Cart
Price: $99.00
Tap into a powerful set of marketing tools for your X-Cart based online store with the HotProducts software package that includes three independent modules to highlight New Arrivals, On Sale and Previously Ordered products.
Become a Google Trusted Store and earn your customers trust by showing them that they can rely on you for fast shipping and responsive customer service.
PDF invoices for X-Cart
Price: $49.00
Easily create invoices in the universal PDF format with this handy add-on, which automatically sends the invoice to a customer upon purchase in the order confirmation message.
Price: $99.00
Get daily scheduled auto backup of your store and upload it to cloud storage.
Advanced Customer Reviews
Improve the quality of customer reviews with this module which requires a written review as well as a ranking, and can be set up to allow reviews only for customers who are verified product owners. Encourage more customers to write reviews, sending an email reminder in several days after purchase with a coupon inside!
Price: from$95.00
24/7/365 online monitoring service tailored specifically to the needs of your X-Cart store. New Advanced plan is available.
Multi-currency for X-Cart
Price: $99.00
Show product prices in multiple currencies for your customers around the world.
Social Login for X-Cart
Price: $99.00
This module allows your customers to login to your store without creating a new account using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google and many more.
Mailchimp integration
Leverage the powerful MailChimp e-mail marketing system with this add-on that syncs subscriber data and allows for targeted and easy-to-manage lists.
x-testimonials module
Price: $99.00
Do you want to get feedback on your store and products from your customers? This module is right for you. The visitors will be able to read and leave their own testimonials on your site.
Hidden Categories
Price: $49.00
Hide categories from the categories list in the customer area and allow your customers to open it only when they have a special direct link you provided them with.
Kayako Integration
Price: $199.00
Integrate your X-Cart-powered store with Kayako's multi-channel customer support services, including help desk and service tickets.
Product Notifications for X-Cart
This handy module allows customers to sign up to receive notifications about price reductions, low inventory or that an item is back-in-stock.
Root Categories for X-Cart
Price: $49.00
This module replaces default categories side menu with a grid-style root categories list.
XMas Decoration set
Price: $39.00
Bring Some Christmas spirit into your business.
Don't Miss Out!
Price: $49.00
Quickly alert your customers if the item they are currently viewing is added to someone else’s cart or wishlist or is only available in limited quantities, and let them know they may miss out unless they purchase the item right away.
iContact integration for X-Cart
Seamlessly integrate X-Cart with the iContact email and social media marketing platform used by more than 700,000 users worldwide.
Meritus integration: Payment XP (Payment Hosted payment page)
Developed with card-not-present transactions in mind, Payment XP provides merchants with the ability to process credit and debit card, all in a PCI compliant solution loaded with tools to manage fraud and fight chargebacks.
Two-Factor Authentication
Protects your organization's most valuable assets with the most powerful Two-Factor Authentication system.
X-Payments Subscriptions icon
If you are a seller of subscription based products (e.g. monthly billed services, products delivered quarterly, etc) or accept payments in installments this free X-Cart module coupled with X-Payments application can be the solution for you.
Amazon Payments Advanced
Price: $0.00
Easy. Trusted. Familiar. Hundreds of millions of Amazon customers can use the information from their Amazon.com accounts to complete purchases on your website without having to re-enter their shipping address or payment information, without ever leaving your website.