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With our top‑notch eCommerce support, you have an expert team ready to deliver a perfect blend of eCommerce website services — from shopping cart software installation and ecommerce store setup assistance to performance audit and security patching. We do everything to make your ecommerce workflow super smooth and maximum enjoyable for you.

Our highly advanced professional ecommerce website management services are here to help you easily launch your eCommerce website and start selling online without any technical hassle at all.

Affordable eCommerce support packages (Standard, Standard Plus and Premium) bring all‑round ecommerce solutions for all types of ecommerce businesses, so you pay only for the features you need and whenever you require within 24 hours. If you feel you need a completely different approach to eCommerce site support and development, there’s a custom plan, that can be focused on your individual requirements.

All eCommerce Support Packages Include:

Email support
X‑Cart support team is available via email day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drop a line or two and tell us how we can help.
X‑Cart installation
You do not have to worry about installation processes and other technical stuff. Our experienced professionals will get your online store up & running in a couple of clicks.
Logs analysis
Our tight‑knit team of hacker‑detectives do not sleep at night, keeping a close watch on your logs for potential threats. You can be sure your online shopping site is in the safest place ever.
Unlimited Requests
There are times when you need more personal assistance than usual. That’s OK. Feel free to apply for our eCommerce support as often as you like. No limits for you.
All eCommerce support packages include systematic shopping cart software diagnosis. If anything goes wrong with your code or database, we’ll dig into the issue and fix it forever.
Performance audit
Nobody likes slow websites! We will perform speed tests to make sure your ecommerce store loads fast. If not, all performance issues will be immediately fixed.
Online store setup assistance
Before diving into social media and online marketing, you might need to adapt our shopping cart software to your personal needs. Have an X‑Cart eCommerce expert guide you through the whole setup process.
Security patching
Sell online without any risk of getting hacked — regularly applied security patches, included in all our ecommerce support packages by default, will keep your data safe.
SEO Audit Basic
We perform a quick SEO analysis to boost your Google rankings and make your online store more visible in search engines. This will drive more traffic and convert drop‑in visitors into standing eCommerce customers.

Pay as you go

If you need a single‑incident ecommerce support, just let us know. Our support experts are here to fix just about any problem you’ve got — quickly and reliably.
Response time
Support requests included
Paid as a one time fee

Feedback of our customers

Randy Schuyler
I’ve used X-Cart for about 12 years and recently upgraded for the first time. We’ve had our ups and downs. The latter were in the early years. More recently, they’ve been very, very good. They’ve offered unsolicited tips that helped me solve problems I was having, and have found ways to save me money.
Lorraine Connell
Xcart is without a doubt the best Online shopping cart out there today!!
When we need help we submit to the help desk and they get back to us quickly. They won’t stop helping (especially with dummies like us) till the issue is completely resolved!!
Realoco.com has been a customer since 2001 and will be for as long as we’re in business
Philippe Vangeel
Working with X‑Cart for years and I haven’t regret it once. I can write a long text about what, why and how but in two words : excellent choice ! You get the professional support without any fuss.
Rich Williamson
I rely on the help desk so much to keep my commerce site running well. They handle problems quickly and are knowledgeable. I have a highly customized site (done by them) that takes a little more than typical maintenance, yet they still are persistent and solve the problems. I highly recommend working with them.
Jamie Bassett
I requested assistance for two modules that needed to be installed and Qualiteam was immediately available to help me. Big thanks to Eugene and his colleagues for taking care of this request so quickly. Excellent service. We feel as though we are in good hands with Qualiteam. They are a great company to work with.
Dan Gillbanks
As a new member to your software, automated processing service, including customer support, i simply admire how your website and service has been created to funnel, by guiding new members to easily adopt the way you do business…and with only one personal phone call from support, to ask me if i needed any help, I felt like i had know the company for years…Its very clever….I Love it

Technical eCommerce Support FAQ

How can I submit an issue?

We’ve got a caring 24/7 call center and a live chat, where you will always find someone who is ready help you — they will give you the right answer off-hand or, if needed, forward your question to one of our technical specialists. However, if your issue needs to be addressed urgently, you should better email it to support@x‑cart.com or submit a ticket via our web-based HelpDesk. The guys from our tech department monitor it 24 hours a day and are ready to code your online store right now.

Which info should I provide in order to reduce troubleshooting time?

While creating a new support ticket please provide us with a detailed description of the problem, steps to reproduce it and preferably screenshots or video explaining the issue. That would be also highly appreciated if you grant us access to the server where X‑Cart is hosted and access to X-Cart Admin area, so that our engineers could check X-Cart files and store configuration if it’s necessary. For posting the access information you should use a special secure form in the “Post access info” section.

Are all services covered by eCommerce support?

There are a few eCommerce website services which are not covered by this ecommerce support subscription, but available for an additional fee. Here’s the full list:

  • Data migration
  • Custom development
  • Web design
  • Template integration
  • Development support
  • Support for 3rd party modifications
  • X-Cart 4 branch software upgrades