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Anna Shvetsova

X-Cart 5 New Apps & Themes: Multisite, Zapier, Google Optimize, 15+ Design Templates and more

Hey, looks like we haven’t announced the latest X-Cart apps & themes for quite some time. Meanwhile, a lot of new features have been released. So, here is a quick overview of the latest extensions. Which one does your store miss?

Helen Tarkhanova

X-Cart 24/7 Live Chat, Email and Phone Support. We are Online Round-the-Clock!

Saturday, 5 a.m. While someone is already peacefully sleeping in their cozy beds, the opposite part of the globe is still wide awake and working hard. Our clients have online businesses in 111 countries of the world, and while a New Zealander is closing the doors of his office, the folks in NYC are enjoying […]

Darren DeMatas

Top 25 Payment Processing Companies [2017]

Payment processing companies – they are virtually everywhere. If you own an eCommerce store, you’d know that your website needs a payment processor in order to become a fully-functioning money-making machine. But how exactly do you choose which service to go for? Which ones are most secure, reliable, and better-performing? We’ve listed our favorite 25 […]

Nathan Resnick

Domestic vs. Foreign Manufacturing: How and Where to Manufacture a Product

This article will help you determine which route to choose when producing your products. Compare costs, products quality and order quantity, shipping considerations, language barriers, intellectual property questions and import process. Take informed decision whether to produce locally or overseas.

Reuben Yonatan

8 Crucial Ingredients for Writing Great Product Descriptions for your Online Store

Seductive product descriptions can mean the difference between moving units, and watching your inventory decompose. If potential customers are not convinced to purchase after reading your product description, you have some work to do. Here are some crucial ingredients for ecommerce store product descriptions that sell. Base your product descriptions on your customer types Before […]

Helen Tarkhanova

19 Tips to Beat eCommerce Fraud and Protect Your Site From Scammers

Accepting online payments, you may find out that your store is the place where the thief is trying to use the stolen card. It costs you money. Because the fraud losses are distributed across all merchants, we don't hear too much about them. But the truth is that the online merchants are losing way more than customers and banks together! So you should roll up the sleeves and protect your business from these expenses.

Helen Tarkhanova

X-Cart UK Meetup, Sept 29, 2017. Place, Team & Partners are All Set. What about you?

Orlando — Chicago — London — Tampa — Chicago — Los Angeles… London again. Whoo! Non-stop meetups with you, guys, take our breath away and make our hearts go boom. But what really moves us forward is the real value you get and your happy faces, so we are not going to stop at that. […]

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