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X-Cart 24/7 Live Chat, Email and Phone Support. We are Online Round-the-Clock!

Saturday, 5 a.m. While someone is already peacefully sleeping in their cozy beds, the opposite part of the globe is still wide awake and working hard. Our clients have online businesses in 111 countries of the world, and while a New Zealander is closing the doors of his office, the folks in NYC are enjoying […]

Helen Tarkhanova

19 Tips to Beat eCommerce Fraud and Protect Your Site From Scammers

Accepting online payments, you may find out that your store is the place where the thief is trying to use the stolen card. It costs you money. Because the fraud losses are distributed across all merchants, we don't hear too much about them. But the truth is that the online merchants are losing way more than customers and banks together! So you should roll up the sleeves and protect your business from these expenses.

Helen Tarkhanova

X-Cart UK Meetup, Sept 29, 2017. Place, Team & Partners are All Set. What about you?

Orlando — Chicago — London — Tampa — Chicago — Los Angeles… London again. Whoo! Non-stop meetups with you, guys, take our breath away and make our hearts go boom. But what really moves us forward is the real value you get and your happy faces, so we are not going to stop at that. […]

Helen Tarkhanova

How To Speed Up Mobile Website Performance [Infographic]

3, 2,1… Bang! I’m sorry. But your precious customer has just sneaked out of your loving arms into those of your savvy competitor’s. Why? Because your mobile website is not speedy enough to catch up with the ever-running present-day society. And yes, you had only three seconds to do it. No more. Studies show, that […]

Helen Tarkhanova

X-Cart Trip to America: Three Cities in Just Two Weeks. We’ve Done It! See How… [32 photos]

The larger half (65%, to be precise) of our customers live in the United States of America and Canada. That’s why these two directions were (and still are) our top priority. This year we decided to visit three cities at a time and were right. Here are a few words about the results. Dive in!

Helen Tarkhanova

How to Start an Online Store [+ Build a Growth Business]

A few years ago starting an online store seemed mind-blowingly complex for small and medium businesses. You had to code your fingers to the bone to make your first sale. Luckily, everything is different now. Indeed, it’s never been easier to launch an online business from scratch within just a short space of time. No […]

Helen Tarkhanova

5 Ways to Get Your eCommerce Forms to Convert Like Crazy (+ a Few Real-World Examples)

If you are running an online business, the process of creating eCommerce forms is sure to be entirely familiar to you. To guide you through the jungles of a poll creation, I’ve prepared a good portion of theory and a few practical tips about the way you can implement all that with X‑Cart shopping cart.

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