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Tony Sologubov

Djinni-the-Chatbot — Sell your Products via Facebook Messenger

Today we are launching Djinni — a chat bot that will help your customers buy your products or services via Facebook Messenger. This robot is ready to track and trace parcels, pull delivery info, answer order status questions and do a lot of other useful tasks.

Anton Pachkine

Full HTTPS Store Is Not Optional Anymore – Will It Kill Your Store’s Conversion Rate?

If you recently received a troubling message from Google Webmaster saying "Nonsecure Collection of Passwords will trigger warnings in Chrome 56", you are not alone. Thousands of online stores ignored all the warnings and now their visitors see a message in the browser: "Connection is not secure. Logins entered on this page could be compromised".

Helen Tarkhanova

What Is This HTTPS/SSL Thing And Why Should You Care?

SSL, HTTPS, HTTP, TLS, HSTS… these terms appear to be nothing more than just a meaningless sequence of letters for the better part of online users. But not for you. Even if you are not an IT geek or server administrator guru, you are likely to have at least a general idea of what these […]

Helen Tarkhanova

Stop Being Mobile-friendly. Be Mobile-first

On November 04, 2016 Google announced the so-called “mobile-first” indexing. According to this new rule, mobile users are now the #1 priority. In order to make your life easier, we’ve thoroughly scrutinized Google’s tips, picked the most relevant and adapted them for X-Cart users.

Elizabeth Carpenter

Ways to Help Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Let's have a look at actions you can take today in your own online shopping experience to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase the customers who make it all the way through to your "thank you" screen.

Helen Tarkhanova

Top 5 Marketing Trends You Need To Adopt In 2017

As the new year gradually gathering its pace, there comes the best time to step away from your day-to-day activities and reflect on your plans and perspectives. To give you some insights on where to focus your attention we’d like to point out 5 marketing ideas that are going to shape the marketing industry in 2017.

Anna Shvetsova

X-Cart 4.7.7: Segment, Mailchimp eCommerce, Pay with Amazon

Untiring X-Cart Classic team keeps developing new useful features to make your stores more and more efficient. So, today is the release of X-Cart v4.7.7.

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