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Helen Tarkhanova

How To Speed Up Mobile Website Performance [Infographic]

3, 2,1… Bang! I’m sorry. But your precious customer has just sneaked out of your loving arms into those of your savvy competitor’s. Why? Because your mobile website is not speedy enough to catch up with the ever-running present-day society. And yes, you had only three seconds to do it. No more. Studies show, that […]

Ksenia Emelyanova

X-Cart partners with Sourcify to Make Manufacturing Easy for their Ecommerce Stores

550 pre-vetted manufacturers from China and worldwide are eager to connect with you via Sourcify. Cut your manufacturing costs, launch a new product line - nail it with our new manufacturing partner.

Darren DeMatas

67 Point Ecommerce Website Development Checklist + Cost Considerations

You can’t just use any website builder when developing an ecommerce website. There’s just more to it than your average blog. In addition to the design, you have to deal with information architecture, complex web applications and secure payment processing. Not to mention a whole slew of additional functions like checkout process and other complex […]

Darren DeMatas

40+ Best Web Development Tools For Savvy Ecommerce Devs

Looking for the best web development tools to revamp your eCommerce site? Or maybe you own a startup and building a site from scratch? We’ve got you covered. We evaluated 300 website tools and figured out the top web developer tools based on reviews, site ranking, and value overall. We’ve also categorized them based on […]

Helen Tarkhanova

X-Cart Trip to America: Three Cities in Just Two Weeks. We’ve Done It! See How… [32 photos]

The larger half (65%, to be precise) of our customers live in the United States of America and Canada. That’s why these two directions were (and still are) our top priority. This year we decided to visit three cities at a time and were right. Here are a few words about the results. Dive in!

Ksenia Emelyanova

WordPress Shopping Cart: 10 Simple Ways To Sell With WP

Pat Flynn, running a blog on Wordpress, made $1,748,139.45 within the last 12 months. Abby and Donnie made $477,981 in 2016 — with the help of their blog, too. How can you convert you blog into a decent figure income? We have reviewed 10 best WP shopping cart plugins to make your choice easier.

Helen Tarkhanova

How to Start an Online Store [+ Build a Growth Business]

A few years ago starting an online store seemed mind-blowingly complex for small and medium businesses. You had to code your fingers to the bone to make your first sale. Luckily, everything is different now. Indeed, it’s never been easier to launch an online business from scratch within just a short space of time. No […]

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