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Ecommerce Web Development Services & Solutions

With more than 18 years of eCommerce development experience, X-Cart team is proud to be among the top eCommerce development companies that perfectly blends humanity and technological marvel. Apart from providing eCommerce solutions for high-performing online businesses, our team of professional developers is at the helm ready to help anyone who gets their hands messy with coding. Get back to us if you urgently need:

  • eCommerce development, support or maintenance services;

  • mobile extension development;

  • web design;

  • template customization;

  • and other development services.

We’re always close at hand to give service that will melt your face. No matter what a doozy of a task lies in store for our developers, they struggle to deliver top-quality customer service and caring support. We are all humans, after all. And we strongly believe that each and every eCommerce site built with X-Cart should work without a hitch. Years ago, our eCommerce development company built X-Cart eCommerce platform to help you sell online. Today the very same people are here to give you some feel-good vibes and help you customize your online store to your custom business needs.

eCommerce Web Development Expertise

In-depth eCommerce Website Development Expertise

There’s nothing worse than finding out that the eCommerce development company you are working with isn’t able to finish what should have been finished days ago. Or if there are always tons of nasty bugs as a result. After completing thousands of custom development projects and delivering more than a million hours of customizations, we are surely the most experienced eCommerce development company. Before starting a new development journey, we take time to dig deeper into your eCommerce strategy. From there, we present you with a range of options that align with your business.

Ecommerce Web Designers

Flexible Team of eCommerce Web Designers and Developers

All our custom eCommerce development projects are unique. They pursue different goals and use different means of achieving them. Our team of experts is flexible and adaptive to moving targets to make sure you are comfortable working with us. We normally assign a dedicated Project Manager, several eCommerce web developers, designers, and QA experts to expedite the project completion.

Convenient Development Process and Communication

Convenient Means of Communication

Helpdesk, email, phone, Skype or a dedicated Slack channel — you choose where the project communication happens. Once or twice a year our development company organizes meetups in different parts of the world. The United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain are our favorite destinations. But there are also lots of eCommerce companies (built with X-Cart) based in Arab Emirates, Canada, India, and Australia. Keep your fingers crossed — we may come to meet you in person, too.

Seamless eCommerce Platform Upgrades

Still Automated eCommerce Platform eUpgrades

As a rule, every change in a customized eCommerce platform means difficulties with further software upgrades and usually requires additional development. Not with X-Cart. Thanks to its modular architecture and thought-out system, software upgrades remain easy even for heavily customized eCommerce stores.

The fact: about 70% of X-Cart 5 users use the latest X-Cart version. And 100% of them are sure that they won’t have to invest much money in eCommerce development to get access to new features or just to fix someone else’s bugs.

Development Testing & Quality Assurance

Rigorous Development Testing & Quality Assurance Before Going Live

Our development firm strives to provide bug-free results. That’s why each web design and development project is tested thoroughly to make sure your online store works as needed and doesn’t lose positions in search engines. Most of the bugs are eliminated during our well-established multi-tier quality assurance procedure on our testing servers. The rest, if any, are fixed within our official 3-month website design and maintenance warranty.

Competitive Web Store Development Rates

Competitive Rates for Store Development

We have every expert to build a successful eCommerce business in-house, which is why we can afford to keep the rates as low as possible for you. Besides, as all our projects are unique and the cost is custom-quoted, you simply don’t pay for what features you are not using.

Many behind the scenes developments make our eCommerce business run so smoothly. We have now over 250,000 happy customers around the world (and growing), and X-Cart is at the root of our growth that helps us sell online.
Paul Lepa,
CEO and founder of PearlsOnly
X-Cart works well out of the box but it’s endless options for customization and scalability that have allowed our business to grow at a faster rate than if we had used other out of the box carts.
John Stalker,
One of the joint owners of Bedstar Ltd
Of course, there will be obstacles, decisions to make or changes on the way. But our X-Cart development manager gave good advice and suggestions to ensure these obstacles were overcome.
Leanne Garske,
Accounts & Marketing at Wilderness Sea n’ Ski
I’m definitely attracted from the fact that your development team can customize my cart according to my ideas and needs. Other open-source carts allow me to customize as well, but getting this done directly by the team that created the cart is very different, since it allows you to avoid any troubles or bugs during the cart major updates. This is the most important thing as I care about the cart security more than any other thing.
Cristian Anzalone,
Founder of Nanaly

Services Provided by Our Software Development Company

eCommerce Development Services

eCommerce Development Services

Unlike other eCommerce development companies out there, X-Cart team goes the extra mile to create pleasurable user experience from the moment you say ‘hi’ until they close the last HTML tag. Our developers love transforming coding challenges into ready eCommerce solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Applying the collective expertise of the digital marketing world, our team is ready to bring your most daring ideas to life while taking care of your eCommerce website performance, security, search engine optimization, and the look and feel. Need a custom feature? All sorts of repair and extension development services are also available.

eCommerce Website Design Services

eCommerce Website Design Services

As a leading website development company, we also offer a full range of web design services. Our talented web designers will help you pick a relevant eCommerce template with a user-friendly interface that will look perfect on any device. Alternatively, if none of the existing themes work for your business, they will create a unique custom-made design tailored to your online store. We make much of the latest digital marketing trends so all our web design templates are responsive, retina-ready, fast, optimized for search engines, and compatible with all major web browsers and devices. Even iPhone 12 Pro will love your online store!

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development and Mobile Apps

Glued to your mobile phone? That’s OK, so is everyone else including us and your potential customers from all over the world. It’s been a while since mobile communication (sticky as glue!) penetrated into our everyday life. So developing a user-friendly mobile version of your site and creating a separate mobile app is a must for every business owner planning to succeed. What is more, there is no need to hack your way to becoming an app developer. Adding a new mobile ‘weapon’ to your marketing arsenal is way more straightforward. X-Cart eCommerce development company is here to handle the whole mobile application development process.

Industry Partners We Are Proud to Work With

We are well aware that one soldier doesn’t make the eCommerce battle. Here’s why to extend our eCommerce website development services we partnered with a wide range of digital commerce solutions that should improve your store’s user experience, checkout process, tax calculation, and other things out of the box.

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