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Helen Tarkhanova

X-Cart team at IRCE in Chicago on June 6 – 9, 2017

Good news is that X-Cart will be exhibiting at IRCE this summer. We will be waiting for you in Booth #1867 with our friends and the whole army of octopi (yup, it’s a tradition).

Robert Rand

Grow your Sales with Google AdWords & Google Shopping

When retail and wholesale consumers are looking for merchants and products, they often turn to search engines to identify options. According to Google, they’re even searching while they’re already standing in a retail store. This provides a wide range of opportunities to attract shoppers to your store and earn their business.

Helen Tarkhanova

Interview with Steve Stoyanov + 13 X‑Cart 4 Modules by CFL Systems at Zero Cost

Outside of writing code, X-Cart team loves to socialize — arrange meetups and hang out with x-carters in NYC & London, chat with them on the phone and play email ping pong 24 hours a day. That’s exactly why we have so many friends and associates we are close to. Needless to say, Steve Stoyanov, […]

Tony Sologubov

Djinni-the-Chatbot — Sell your Products via Facebook Messenger

Today we are launching Djinni — a chat bot that will help your customers buy your products or services via Facebook Messenger. This robot is ready to track and trace parcels, pull delivery info, answer order status questions and do a lot of other useful tasks.

Anton Pachkine

Full HTTPS Store Is Not Optional Anymore – Will It Kill Your Store’s Conversion Rate?

If you recently received a troubling message from Google Webmaster saying "Nonsecure Collection of Passwords will trigger warnings in Chrome 56", you are not alone. Thousands of online stores ignored all the warnings and now their visitors see a message in the browser: "Connection is not secure. Logins entered on this page could be compromised".

Helen Tarkhanova

What Is This HTTPS/SSL Thing And Why Should You Care?

SSL, HTTPS, HTTP, TLS, HSTS… these terms appear to be nothing more than just a meaningless sequence of letters for the better part of online users. But not for you. Even if you are not an IT geek or server administrator guru, you are likely to have at least a general idea of what these […]

Helen Tarkhanova

Stop Being Mobile-friendly. Be Mobile-first

On November 04, 2016 Google announced the so-called “mobile-first” indexing. According to this new rule, mobile users are now the #1 priority. In order to make your life easier, we’ve thoroughly scrutinized Google’s tips, picked the most relevant and adapted them for X-Cart users.

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