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  • Open source code for easy customization
  • Professional 24/7 support
Leslie Anne Pritchard, Marketing & Development

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X-Cart is known as the best downloadable eCommerce platform

X‑Cart is known as the best downloadable eCommerce platform. You have full access to the code to customize storefront and backend. You define who and how can access your online store data. No one knows what you sell, who you sell to and what your GMV is. That’s because it’s you who hosts it.

But what if you want to try X‑Cart and not handle the server questions? Like, if you have no server? Or if you’re a "I‑don’t‑know-what‑MySQL‑is" person? If you want to breeze through the installation hustle?

Starting an online store with X‑Cart is still perfectly possible!

X‑Cart Fires up eCommerce Business Worldwide

X‑Cart Fires up eCommerce Business Worldwide

Though there are dozens of online store builders on the market, you’re making the right choice, looking at X‑Cart. It’s the best eCommerce platform to start an online store, grow your business and conquer new markets.

X-Cart Fires up eCommerce Business Worldwide

How our online store builder makes it easy to sell products online

Add to Cart button

Products management has never been easier

Adding and editing products process is a daily routine of store owners. You will be surprised, how friendly an eCommerce site can be.

Add one by one or import in bulk. Upload images with drag and drop feature. Speed everything up with WYSIWYG editor and Bulk Edit feature. Preview the added products on the storefront and tweak the descriptions right there, thanks to Inline Editor.

The "Buy" button will always be red‑hot

Following the best practices of selling online, create unique, informative, detailed product descriptions that both humans and search engines will like. Upload professional product photos. Attach a specification or a user guide. Let your customers attach an artwork for custom products you manufacture. Configure flexible product options and variations to fit the taste of the most choosy buyer, and no one will leave your eCommerce store without a purchase.

The storefront where your products will shine

Our professional designers have created beautiful eCommerce templates, where every product of yours will look great. Physical goods, digital goods, PIN codes or services. Membership-based access, subscriptions for periodical goods, product options and variations – X‑Cart can handle it all.

Multicurrency, multilanguage

X‑Cart has earned the trust of online businesses from the USA to Australia and New Zealand, from the United Kingdom to South Africa. X‑Cart supports multiple languages, currencies, weight formats, that’s what makes it such a universal ecommerce solution. We can even enable RTL support!

High‑converting checkout and secure payments

High-converting checkout and secure payments

Don’t let them go

Fast one‑page checkout. Payment form right on checkout page (X‑Payments needed), Social login for fast registration and checkout. Coupons. Abandoned shopping cart reminder. X‑Cart will fight fiercely, like a tiger, for every order and every dollar of yours!

Premium partner of PayPal

PayPal is another top payment option – a must have, we believe! Without monthly fees for a merchant, trusted by millions of customers, safe and reliable. X‑Cart is a premium PayPal partner and we’re proud to recommend this solution for ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

120+ credit cards processors

Online selling is impossible without accepting payments. Top ecommerce sites accept credit cards online. In X‑Cart, you will find an amazing collection of 120+ payment gateway integrations, all done in accordance with PCI compliance requirements. Just choose your favourite credit card processor, install and start selling.

Recurring payments & ability to save credit cards

Host the payment page right on your eCommerce website and access 50+ payment processors with PCI Level 1 certified payment application X‑Payments. It also enables recurring payments and subscriptions, as well as “storage” of credit card details. All PCI‑compliant, thanks to tokenization magic.

Offline payment methods – sure thing!

Starting an online store, you do not want to see an abandoned shopping carts just because there were no payment method your target audience feels most comfortable with. Ideally, there must be several payment options enabled, as customers’ payment preferences differ. With X‑Cart eCommerce platform, it’s a no brainer! Checks, Cash on Delivery, wire transfer, phone ordering – these offline payment methods are also supported.

Install themes and addons in the App store‑like manner

Install themes and addons in the App store-like manner

400+ modules and themes, all verified

Over 400 hand‑picked extensions and themes from both X‑Cart team and vendors, free and paid ones, all reviewed by our QA specialists – that’s a treasure chest you have a key for!

Nigh at hand

When you build an online store, you’re a frequent guest of an app market, or Marketplace. The convenience of X‑Cart marketplace is that you browse the extensions without leaving the administration area of the store.

Install in 3 clicks, literally

And, what seems like magic for a downloadable eCommerce platform, you install the extensions and professionally designed templates in a couple of clicks too! Without access to your server. Without files patching. Without a developer. Like in a SaaS solution!

Mobile-ready online store builder

Mobile App

Native Mobile Commerce app

Getting started with a native mobile app for iOS and Android is easier than ever. Add a new marketing channel: introduce your business to 2.5Bn of Apple App Store and Google Play users. Put your products in front of more buyers in no time.

AMP for lightning-fast page loading

It ensures blazing fast loading of your eCommerce store pages for mobile viewers. This enhances their online shopping experience and improves your online store SEO-health for Google.

All eCommerce templates are responsive

How the best ecommerce sites win at web design? Among all, they make their eCommerce themes friendly for every user. Teeny‑tiny screen of a smartphone, medium‑size screen of a tablet, 13‑inch display of a laptop, large display with Retina Support – if you create online store with X‑Cart, the storefront will look brilliant on any device.

Start Selling Today! Risk‑free.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Now is the best time.

If you are hesitating because you don’t feel like you have learned about eCommerce everything you should, here are two ultimate starting‑from‑scratch guides for you. They will help you set up an online business and start selling online hands down.

If you are certain to start selling today, but not sure whether X‑Cart is the best eCommerce platform for you or not, at least try it, or you will never know. To get started, no credit card is asked! In the unlikely even that you don’t like X‑Cart after the license purchase, unconditional 30‑days moneyback guarantee will relieve the pain of breakup.