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  • Great Support
Leslie Anne Prichard, Marketing & Development

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1. Start Selling Today!

Most likely, you have already chosen a niche and developed a business strategy. You have also turned over numerous domain names and came up with a short, pronounceable and intuitive one. Have you? If not, here’s a starting‑from‑scratch guide that will help you set up an online business hands down.

Your next step is to choose the right website builder. And though there are dozens of online store builders on the market, you’re making the right choice, looking at X‑Cart. It’s the best eCommerce platform to start an online store, grow your business and conquer new markets. There are so many success stories of our customers that prove this!

Enter your email, tell us a little bit something about yourself and select the package that fits your business needs best.

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2. Add your First Product

All the eCommerce business is about selling your products, be it physical goods, digital goods, PIN codes or services. Membership‑based access, subscriptions for periodical goods – X‑Cart can handle it all.

Our professional designers have created beautiful eCommerce templates, where every product of yours will look great, so what you should focus on is the content.

Create unique, informative, detailed product descriptions that both humans beings and search engines will like, upload professional product photos, and your customers will keep pressing the buy button.

Add your products one by one or by means of CSV import in bulk. With drag and drop image uploading, WYSIWYG editor and Bulk Edit feature, adding products is a breeze. Besides, you can preview the added products on the storefront and tweak the descriptions right there, thanks to Inline Editor.

Following the best practices of selling online, shed more light on the product features by attaching a specification or a user guide. Configure flexible product options and variations to fit the taste of the most choosy buyer. Let your customers attach an artwork for custom products you manufacture.

Adding and managing products process is a daily routine of store owners. And you will be surprised, how friendly an eCommerce site can be for the admin and fulfilment staff.

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3. Customize Your Ecommerce Site Design

Unbeaten flexibility makes X‑Cart a top choice for smart business owners.

Integrate a payment gateway that will process a cryptocurrency or enable Apple Pay in your store?
Connect a Chinese carrier to calculate shipping rates in real time?
Display the most recent videos from your Youtube Channel on the home page?

You do not need Wix Code or any other fancy development tools to customize X‑Cart look and feel. The technology stack behind X‑Cart is pretty known to developers community: MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap, Twig, jQuery. You will easily find an affordable freelancer in India or an in‑house web‑developer.

Visit a theme store to buy one of responsive eCommerce templates, implement minor tweaks to match your brand and you are all set. Integrate a custom website design from scratch if you like, it is also doable.

Last but not least, Web designers and developers love this eCommerce solution not only for the ability to customize it from A to Z, but also for the best upgradability on the market.

According to the recent research, major upgrades between branches are installed by 62% of X‑Cart 5 users. The minor upgrades, i.e the ones within the branch to get bug‑fixes and security updates, – by 80% of all X‑Cart 5 based stores. In any other self‑hosted platform with equal amount of customisations this figure does not exceed 10%.

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4. Configure Localisation Settings

Ecommerce websites powered by X‑Cart can be found anywhere but in on the Antarctic Continent… unless some enterprising penguin has started building his own Fish Store;)

We’ve earned the trust of online business from the USA to Australia and New Zealand, from the United Kingdom to South Africa.

X‑Cart supports multiple languages, currencies, weight formats, that’s what makes it such a universal ecommerce solution.

Verify the geo settings of your online store – you will not even need to fill in the forms from scratch. X‑Cart is such a smart online store builder, it will try to guess everything and you will only need to make a couple of edits, if necessary.

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5. Setup Shipping

Best eCommerce website builders have integrations with top shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, CanadaPost, Australia Post, DHL. So does X‑Cart! To get started, you can find a free ready‑made integration in the app market. The carrier you select will return rates, delivery time and shipping methods in real time.

Second, you can define the shipping rates manually, based on destination zones, as well as number of items, weigh or items, dimensions of the product box, and order totals.

No matter what shipping cost calculation method you enable and set up in your ecommerce store, there will be a pre‑login shipping cost calculator for your customers on the shopping cart page. The shipping rates will be updated once the buyer logs in or specifies the ship‑to address on the checkout page.

Besides, you can benefit from shipping automation services like ShippingEasy, ShipWorks, At the stage when you’re just building an online store, you will hardly want to pay extra to automate daily shipping tasks. But as your online business grows, you will want to optimise your entire shipping workflow for greater productivity and accuracy.

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6. Manage Payment Options

Online selling is impossible without accepting payments. Top ecommerce sites accept credit cards online. In X‑Cart, you will find an amazing collection of 120+ payment gateway integrations, all done in accordance with PCI compliance requirements. Just choose your favourite credit card processor, install and start selling.

PayPal is another top payment option – a must have, we believe! Without monthly fees for a merchant, trusted by millions of customers, safe and reliable. X‑Cart is a premium PayPal partner and we’re proud to recommend this solution for ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

Checks, Cash on Delivery, wire transfer, phone ordering – these offline payment methods are also available, sure thing.

Starting an online store, you do not want to see an abandoned shopping carts just because there were no payment method your target audience feels most comfortable with. Ideally, there must be several payment options enabled, as customers’ payment preferences differ. With X‑Cart eCommerce platform, it’s a no brainer!

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7. Expand with Apps

When you build an online store, you’re a frequent guest of an app market, or Marketplace. Over 400 hand‑picked extensions and themes from both X‑Cart team and vendors, free and paid ones, all reviewed by our QA specialists – that’s a treasure chest you have a key for!

The convenience of X‑Cart marketplace is that you browse the extensions without leaving the administration area of the store.

And, what seems like magic for a downloadable eCommerce platform, you install the extensions and professionally designed templates in a couple of clicks too! Without access to your server. Without files patching. Without a developer. Like in a SaaS solution!

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8. Launch

Building your online store is complete! You have a high-end eCommerce website, optimized for mobile commerce as well. Fast, efficient, attractive, and, which is most important, converting!
Getting started was easy, wasn’t it? Much work ahead. But it will also be fun, we know;)

Should you need a helpful hand, our 24/7 support is at your service. Just give a whistle!

We also offer a professional fully managed hosting, full stack of eCommerce design and development services, migration assistance, SEO consulting, SSL certificates. X-Cart is your everything eCommerce.

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