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Shopify Plus Alternatives

Yes, it IS possible to find an affordable, customizable, and scalable eCommerce platform. Don’t settle for code-specific restraints that make customizations and regular maintenance an expensive headache! With X-Cart’s API-driven architecture and an in-house team of developers, you can build a website that scales with your business.

  • Affordable Customization
  • Personal Service 24/7/365
  • Greater Value at Lower Cost

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    X-Cart vs. Shopify Plus

    API-driven eCommerce platform✔✔
    Automotive-centric eCommerce solution✔—
    Catalog sizeUnlimitedup to 8 million SKUs
    Storefront API✔✔
    Website design optimized for mobile experiences✔✔
    Integrations with auto parts data providersSEMA Data, ASAP, and AutoSync data networks(only SEMA Data integration)
    Integrations with automotive warehouse distributorsTurn 14 Distribution (free) Torqued Distribution (free) a custom integration with a warehouse distributor of your choiceTorqued (free) Turn 14 Distribution (paid)
    Accelerated import/export options✔—
    Payment processing feesX-Cart doesn’t charge any transaction feesShopify charges payment processing fees based on the merchant’s sales volume
    Advanced Sales Tools✔✔
    Integrations with payment gatewaysPayPal, PayPal Credit, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Authorize.Net, Apple Pay, Google Pay, 120+ Payment IntegrationsShopify payments
    Marketing and SEO tools✔✔
    In-house developer team✔—
    Technical support✔✔
    Dedicated Hosting✔✔

    What Are the Benefits of Migrating to X-Cart?

    X-Cart approaches each project individually and builds the eCommerce experience around your business, not vice versa. It comes with an in-house dedicated development team and a full out of the box stack of services and integrations.

    Affordable Customization

    Both X-Cart and Shopify Plus allow for custom website build. The difference is how much money and effort you are ready to invest. X-Cart specializes in custom solutions since day 1, which allows us to deliver them quicker and charge less.

    Automotive-Centric eCommerce Solution

    Prebuilt automotive tools ensure better online store performance and are easier (and more affordable!) to maintain. X-Cart has built-in Year/Make/Model Search and VIN lookup that seamlessly integrate with the design theme for better website speed, faceted navigation, and accurate real-time product search for auto parts buyers. With X-Cart, you also get direct integrations with key automotive partners, such as SEMA Data, ASAP data network, AutoSync, Turn 14 Distribution, and more! 

    Personalized Customer Support

    While Shopify is a large company with millions of users worldwide, they can’t provide personalized human service and a dedicated manager to each of their clients at an affordable price. X-Cart can.

    Lower Maintenance Costs

    X-Cart saves you 50% of the eCommerce budget that you would normally spend on a Shopify Plus subscription. Invest into your business growth instead!


    X-Cart vs Shopify [Q&A]

    • Does it take long to migrate from Shopify Plus to X-Cart?


      It doesn’t. Migration to X-Cart won’t take more than a month, and your store will be up throughout the whole data migration process. Switching DNS records, however, takes at least a couple of hours for the changes to propagate. It’s a necessary evil
    • Can I schedule a free X-Cart demo?


      Absolutely. You can schedule a free X-Cart demo with our solution advisors and get a definitive tour of the key features necessary for your business. This will help you get a clear picture of what our shopping cart looks like from the inside before taking the decision.
    • How can I migrate from Shopify Plus to X-Cart?


      We offer merchants a step-by-step guide that explains how you can move to X-Cart. Or trust the X-Cart migration team to move your eCommerce store on your behalf.

      Everything You Need to Know About Switching eCommerce Platforms

      We have put together the Complete Step-by-Step Guide to eCommerce Replatforming to help you decide if you need to move away from your current platform and what the process of migration involves. Dive in for best practices and top tips backed with real-life customer experiences.

      Read the Guide

    • Can I perform an automated migration from Shopify Plus to X-Cart?


      Sure. You can migrate your data from Shopify to X-Cart with the Cart2Cart automated migration add-on. However, the X-Cart team can ensure hassle-free migration from your Shopify store to X-Cart at a price lower than the one charged by automated shopping cart migration services. Our replatforming experts can migrate everything — including custom-developed design and features — with professional support and post-launch testing.
    • Will X-Cart integrate with the tools I already use?


      X-Cart integrates with hundreds of eCommerce applications available at the X-Cart app store, allowing you to connect the tools you already use effortlessly. If you don’t see the required add-on in the app store, we can tailor a custom integration with the tool of your choice connected to your online store via API.

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