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Switch from BigCommerce to X-Cart

X-Cart is the perfect eCommerce solution that allows you to create a custom online store that’s fast, flexible, and affordable at the same time. The team of in-house experts will see to your every need 24/7.

What the app migrates:

  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Coupons
  • Manufacturers
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Taxes
  • Reviews
  • Multistore
  • Multiple Languages

    Sean Sussman

    We had built out a fully functional BigCommerce store, but in the end, the BigCommerce platform simply could not perform to the level of X-Cart…it was primarily the ease of use and the add-on modules that brought us back, and we launched the new site on our X-Cart platform.

    — Sean Sussman @ Vogue Fabrics

    The Basics

    Growing Revenue Does Not Mean You Have to Pay Extra

    Many eCommerce platforms make their money by capitalizing on your success, but at X-Cart, we do things differently. Even if your annual revenue increases, you won’t be hard-pressed to move up to the next plan and increase your monthly costs. With X-Cart, there is no such thing as a sales limit.

    Once you migrate your store from BigCommerce to X-Cart, you will no longer have to share your growing revenue with platform developers. You are free to add new features and services only when you really need them. You are the one who has the full power of your business, not your platform. X-Cart is here just to help you grow.

    Get More Opportunities at a Lower Price

    Just think for a moment: As a BigCommerce client, are you fully satisfied with the results you get for the monthly fee you pay? Do you have to upgrade your plan to get features that you think should be naturally built-in?

    For example, some of the most essential tools, such as product filtering, price lists, and unlimited API calls, are available only as part of the BigCommerce Enterprise plan.

    If there is any chance that the overall value of your BigCommerce package doesn’t meet your expectations, or if you feel like someone is trying to trick you into paying more, you should consider exporting your online store to another eCommerce platform. Switching from BigCommerce to X-Cart, you’ll get access to a broader variety of tools at a lower price. With X-Cart, even a small business with a small budget is up for the competition.

    Boost Your Store’s Speed

    If your online store is powered by BigCommerce, it means that your mobile page speed is far from perfect in Google’s eyes. According to the consecutive studies, page load times of the top BigCommerce stores can exceed 1000 ms, which is twice slower than average, and five times slower than stores running on X-Cart.

    Export your BigCommerce store to X-Cart to quintuple your store’s speed. Not only will this drastically improve your website’s user experience, but you’ll also see some positive changes in your SEO rankings.

    More features

    Customize Every Aspect of Your Store

    Customization is crucial, no matter the size of your store. Don’t get caught up in the misconception that, if your business is still small, you’ll get away with the most primitive drag-and-drop eCommerce shopping platform. While it’s true that you may not need all the marketing tools at the very start, you will eventually need more custom capabilities as your business grows.

    Migrate from BigCommerce to X-Cart to get the ability to fully customize your store to your unique business needs. With BigCommerce, getting a truly customized website is next to impossible. You are locked down with generic checkout fields that are very hard to customize without hiring a developer or investing in web development skills of your own.

    Start an Online Marketplace of Your Own

    BigCommerce to X-Cart migration provides infinite opportunities to launch a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon or eBay. The X-Cart shopping cart equips you with everything you may need to creatively drive more customers to your store. And it makes it all simple for vendors, including a user-friendly dashboard and catalog-management tools.

    Start X-Cart Multi-Vendor Store

    BigCommerce multi-vendor features are available through a third-party add-on that is far from perfect. It lacks lots of useful features, such as automatic inventory syncing, timely notifications, exported reports. In addition, there’s no faceted search and filtering. In fact, there’s no search at all. Your customers are doomed to infinitely scroll until they finally find the product they are looking for.

    Look and Feel

    X-Cart Makes Seamless Navigation Possible

    Migrate from BigCommerce to X-Cart to launch an eCommerce store that perfectly fits your vision and reflects your brand identity. Unlike BigCommerce, with a somewhat cumbersome storefront and clunky admin UI, X-Cart will help you please shoppers with an intuitive layout that is easy to customize.

    Affordable Themes Ready for Mobile

    Fully customizable, responsive, and mobile-ready, X-Cart templates will look just right on any device without extra coding. But coding is not an issue as well.

    On the other hand, editing BigCommerce templates yourself is no small task. Sometimes it’s even easier to purchase a different theme other than to struggle for months customizing the one that does not fit you as is.


    Get Endless Resources for Business Development

    X-Cart allows for an unlimited number of products, staff accounts, SKUs, product filtering facets, API calls, and the rest. To maximize the store’s stability and performance, you just need to ensure that your server meets the minimum hardware requirements and can handle it.

    And though BigCommerce also allows for unlimited products and accounts, it places certain restrictions on many other parameters, largely in vain, as the speed is still lower than average.

    Export Definitive Reports

    X-Cart definitive reporting tool provides stats on best-sellers, top-buying shoppers, most successful coupon sales, and the total number of purchases, allowing you to sort the metrics based on the time period. What’s most convenient is that you can export each report into a .csv file.

    Customizing reports with BigCommerce is quite a challenge, as it lacks an intuitive interface that is not quite easy to navigate.

    Support & Maintenance

    We are Here Around the Clock

    You won’t find yourself stuck with an issue you are unable to solve. Not with X-Cart. Our customer service specialists are always here 24/7 watching your site while you are not there. You can reach out to them via phone, chat, email, or your personal HelpDesk account. Normally you don’t have to wait longer than 8 hours. If there’s anything urgent, the response time increases to just half an hour.

    BigCommerce help center is, on the contrary, reported to work very slowly — store owners can be waiting several days for a reply. Claiming to have the best support in eCommerce, their team is often unaware of the ongoing issues.

    X-Cart Makes Business Development Easy

    The X-Cart product team is quite fast to implement new features and fix issues. Quick bug fixes are available several times a month. And major upgrades bringing you a bunch of new features are released once or twice a year. To help you understand how new features work, X-Cart has got a bunch of step-by-step tutorials both for developers and for those who don’t understand a thing about coding.

    Unlike X-Cart, BigCommerce’s core product is way too slow to see improvements. But slow progress is still progress, right? Wrong.

    Want to Have a Speedy Website Without Sharing Much of Your Income With Platform Developers?

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