Looking For a Faster and More Scalable WooCommerce Alternative?

Your quest is over! X-Cart is a powerful eCommerce platform designed to support your growing businesses with expanding needs.

Move your store to X-Cart and future-proof your eСommerce.

What data we migrate:

  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Coupons
  • Manufacturers
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Taxes
  • Reviews
  • Multistore
  • Multiple Languages

    Why Choose X-Cart over WooCommerce?

    X-Cart vs. WooCommerce

    Open-Source eCommerce Platform✔✔
    API Access✔✔
    Fraud Detection and Prevention✔
    Search & Product FiltersCloud Search & Filtering are prebuilt in all X-Cart software editions
    Catalog SizeUnlimited SKUs without affecting site speedAdding more SKUs lowers site speed
    Coupons and DiscountsBuilt-inPaid plugin
    Real-Time Shipping CalculationBuilt-inPaid plugin
    One-Page CheckoutBuilt-inPaid plugin
    Payment Methods

    No-code integrations with 120+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorise.net, Affirm, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to name a few.

    X-Cart offers a prebuilt X-Payments Cloud connector – PA DSS certified software that complies with PCI standards.

    Two payment integrations out-of-the-box: PayPal and Stripe.
    Transaction FeesCharges on all transaction made through PayPal
    Marketplace SolutionUnlimited
    Native eCommerce Solution for Automotive Businesses ✔

    Year/Make/Model/Engine filtering

    Garage feature for shoppers to save and reuse search filters

    Responsive Automotive themes

    5 Things X-Cart Offers That WooCommerce Doesn’t

    Scalable and Reliable System

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    Your X-Cart store scales properly. Whether you are planning to expand your catalog or expecting an increase in traffic, we got you covered. Don’t worry about hitting your limits or potential downtime! With X-Cart, you get a stable yet configurable online shop bundled with a team of hosting experts monitoring your server daily and guaranteed 99,99% uptime.


    WooCommerce-based stores do not scale well to changing business demands. That causes their owners to experience risky outcomes. For example, updating your catalog or sudden boost in traffic can quickly exhaust your storage space and slow page-load speed, which may lead to crashes and lost sales.

    Ease of Customization and Upgrades

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    With X-Cart, you don’t need any coding skills. X-Cart provides custom development services in-house, which means you get professional assistance from the original platform developers. Easy and smooth upgrades require just one click, no matter how custom your website is.


    While WooCommerce allows for extensive customization, you need either advanced coding skills or to hire third-party freelancers to make modifications to your core. In addition, extension upgrades cause incompatibility failures due to the difference in expertise level of those who developed them.

    Simple Navigation

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    You can easily access X-Cart customer support via 24/7 phone, chat, ticket system, and email. Our in-house customer success team and support engineers work round the clock to ensure you get help whenever you need it.


    Fixing issues on WooCommerce requires relentless googling and browsing of help forums. The support is available mainly through the ticket system and response times are long, so many of the issues have to be self-solved.

    Affordable Maintenance

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    X-Cart comes with rich core functionality and fully compatible plugins. Our clients report they save up to 50% of their eCommerce budget when setting up and maintaining their stores on X-Cart. Stop spending money on costly fixes. Invest into growth instead!


    WooCommerce core is free, but the build is very basic. Any essential feature you want to add is a paid plugin, which leads to a high setup cost. As you grow, hiring developers for customization projects and fixing constant plugin incompatibilities add to that cost. Solving security issues caused by third-party code and upgrading hosting plans every time you hit the storage limit adds more.

    Hassle-Free Replatforming

    • Automated shopping cart migration Automated shopping cart migration
      The easy-to-use X-Cart migration add-ons establish a reliable and secure connection between your current online store and X-Cart to transfer the intended data entities smoothly. No coding required.
    • Fast and secure 2-step migration Fast and secure 2-step migration
      X-Cart offers a two-step migration process to ensure the accuracy of migrated data. First, we transfer a test copy and provide a private test URL for you to review the result. Then, after your approval, we schedule a convenient date to perform the final migration.
    • SEO audit of your eCommerce website SEO audit of your eCommerce website
      After migration, our SEO experts do a complete SEO audit of your site to protect you from a drop in search engine rankings. They map existing store URLs page to page and work out the visibility using high-end migration tools. None of your previous marketing efforts will go to waste.
    • Customized approach based on your website’s needs Customized approach based on your website’s needs
      We will develop an individual approach tailored to cover your unique requirements.
    • Minimized downtime Minimized downtime
      The highly-skilled X-Cart team ensures a precisely coordinated and mindfully supervised data migration with no risk to your online presence.

    Set Your Store Up for Growth

    Feedback from X-Cart Partners

    “I have been very happy with X-Cart. It is a huge improvement over my previous cart, and it is much more modern and secure. It has been a great experience working with your team to get things migrated and working. Everyone has been very responsive and helpful.

    So far, the best thing has been all the different features/options. There are so many new things I can do.


    Rob Taylor, General Manager at RotopaX

    “Before moving to X-Cart 5, we investigated a few other options with other companies. However, we found that X-Cart was the most flexible and customizable shopping cart compared to the others.”

    Yuho Yamamoto at Fumoto Online Store

    X-Cart is an all-in-one solution. The same guys who develop the software also do your custom development. I think that’s the best way to go so you don’t have people coding on top of other people’s code. Honestly, I don’t see us functioning outside of X-Cart.

    Greg S, Founder & CEO of KB Authority

    X-Cart ended up having everything we needed. It was easy to find my way around without needing a lot of help, without needing prompting — it felt intuitive. As someone who doesn’t write code, I was able to customize the things that we needed and ‘build the plane while we’re flying,’ so to speak.”

    Leslie Hale, BFK Executive Director

    “Working with X-Cart for years and I haven’t regretted it once. I can write a long review about what, why, and how but in two words: excellent choice! You get professional support without any fuss.”

    Philippe Vangeel at ‘Stirax’

    “As I anticipated, it has everything we wanted and even more. As a result, we can focus and work on our content and provide our clients with a better shopping experience.”

    Carlos Cuen Michel, Marketing Manager at Intercompras

    X-Cart 5 is PCI-DSS compliant using Authorize.Net with the Accept.js module. The new version will save us money on credit card processing.”

    Lewis Schucart, editor of AOAI magazine

    “We tested out several marketplace apps and found X-Cart, by far, the easiest way to migrate from a Woocommerce set up. The process was simple and the staff were extremely helpful. Not only that, once the migration was complete, we’ve found that X-Cart is also a joy to use.”

    Simon Lewis
    Simon Lewis at Mash.ie (aka Arukas Ltd)

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