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Chosen by 26% of online sellers from all over the globe, WooCommerce may seem like a great tool to start your eCommerce journey. As a free plug-in for WordPress, it looks like the easiest option. But are you sure you want to trust a simple plug-in to run the eCommerce sales for your business?

If you are looking for a full-fledged eCommerce platform that will grow with your business, consider migrating to X-Cart. Don’t compromise on your ambitions by using the easiest option now. Use something built exclusively for eCommerce scalability.

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Migrating Your WooCommerce Store to X-Cart Will Bring You:

A full stack of features that will play nicely with each other and won’t cost you a fortune.

A comprehensive eCommerce solution that doesn’t require a WordPress site installed.

Zero transaction fees that will let you sell profitably even if you’re in a business where margins are razor-thin.

Round-the-clock support — browsing the internet for some WooCommerce help forums is a thing of the past.

Don’t Waste Your Time on the Solution That Stalls Your Growth

List as many SKUs as your heart desires

If you are planning on expanding your product catalog to more than 200-300 items, you should consider a solution that is advanced enough to handle it. WooCommerce is not the best software for a retail store handling a ton of merchandise. X-Cart is.

Easily improve your store as you grow

The ability to make small changes as your business grows isn’t just a ‘nice bonus to have.’ It’s a survival strategy and the only way to compete with the giants like Amazon. Customizing your Woo store requires a lot of plug-ins which means more opportunities for issues. Or, you can hire a developer, which gets even more costly.

You won’t have to choose between the two evils! Set up your store with X-Cart. Having some basic knowledge of HTML & CSS is enough to tweak your store’s look and feel right. And there’s a team of experts to help with your storefront, just in case.

Don’t Let Cumbersome UI Design Be The Blocker

You aren’t limited to a standardized look and feel anymore

It’s fantastic that you have such a big pool of themes to choose from with WooCommerce — a quick search produces over 7K results. But, again, technical capabilities are required for the customization of templates. Create your store with X-Cart and enjoy the ease of customization (and if any help is needed, our design team is just around the block).

Get your items found using our native search app

I must say, our native search app is truly awesome. Fine-tuned to gracefully handle up 1M+ of items, the X-Cart native search app makes things like product filtering much easier than any apps available in Woo’s marketplace. Generally, Woo’s out-of-the-box store is not capable of large databases of products.

120+ Payment Gateways

PayPal? Apple or Google Pay? BitPay, maybe? Let your shoppers pay the way they prefer. Whether it’s swipe, tap, dip, or sign, your customers will be able to use any of the latest contactless technologies with X-Cart.

    Automated Taxes

    Tax calculation — who wants that headache? In WooCommerce, the responsibility for processing taxes is on you, the seller. X-Cart lifts the invisible mental load off of your and your team’s shoulders, automating the whole process.

    10+ Shipping Tools

    Customizing multiple shipping zones based on ZIP code is a bit tricky without the intervention of 3rd party WooCommerce plug-ins, which may cost you a fortune. X-Cart will provide you with 10+ shipping apps, real-time quotes, local pick-up, geolocation — all in a single bundle.

    Need to ship via UPS or USPS? That will be an additional $79/year for the “USPS Shipping Method” extension and another $79/year for the “UPS Shipping Method” extension.

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