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Starting at $199 / mo
  • Highly Customizable eCommerce Platform
  • Handle anywhere from 1 to a Million SKUs
  • Customizable Themes and prebuilt templates
  • Hundreds of addons & API Integrations such as ShipStation, Avalara, PayPal Checkout, etc.
  • Flexible Payment Processors
  • Powerful APIs & Open Code Access
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Starting at $299 / mo Everything on “X-Cart Platform” +
  • Built on the X-Cart Platform with these features designed specially for automotive eCommerce Websites
  • Ability for customer to use Year, Make, Model search filter
  • Garage Feature (ability for customer to save and reuse Year, Make, Model search filters)
  • Automotive Theme
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Starting at $399 / mo Everything on “X-Cart Platform” +
  • Host your own multi-seller marketplace with the power and customization of the X-Cart Platform
  • Have as many vendors as you desire
  • Each Vendor has their own catalog and manages their own orders
  • Choose one of the ways to ship your goods: from a single warehouse or from vendors’ separate warehouses
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Want to See Your Store in Action?

We’ll connect you with a eCommerce expert who can show you the unique features that X-Cart can add to your online store.

    Want To See Your Automotive Store in Action?

    We’ll connect you with a eCommerce expert who can show you the unique features that X-Cart can add to your online automotive store.

      Want To See Your Marketplace in Action?

      We’ll connect you with a eCommerce expert who can show you the unique features that X-Cart can add to your online store.

        Featured Integrations and Partners

        X-Cart Features and Packages

        Request a Price Platform Auto Marketplace

        Automotive Tools



        My Garage ✔
        MMYE Filter & Search ✔
        “Auto” Theme ✔

        Marketplace Management Tools



        Vendor Approval and Full Management ✔
        Trusted/Non-Trusted Vendors ✔
        Unlimited Number of Vendors ✔
        Vendor Application Page ✔
        Vendor Rating ✔

        Payments for Marketplaces

        Stripe Connect ✔
        PayPal for Marketplaces ✔

        X-Cart Add-Ons & Features Included in all X-Cart Packages


        Financial Services

        Paypal Pay in 4✔✔✔
        PayPal Credit✔✔✔

        Native Marketing Tools

        Abandoned Cart Recovery✔✔✔
        Back-in-Stock Notifications✔✔✔
        Backorder / Preorder✔✔✔
        Request Price / Hide Prices✔✔✔
        Banner System✔✔✔
        Coupons/Discount Codes✔✔✔
        Coupon Giveaways✔✔✔
        Email Marketing✔✔✔
        Exit Offers✔✔✔
        Feedback Solicitation✔✔✔
        Free Shipping Customization✔✔✔
        Gift Wrapping✔✔✔
        Special Offers✔✔✔
        Loyalty Program✔✔✔
        Newsletter Form✔✔✔
        News Updates✔✔✔
        Post-Checkout Upselling✔✔✔
        Pop-Up Modals✔✔✔
        Product Reviews and Ratings✔✔✔
        Product Questions✔✔✔
        Social Sharing✔✔✔
        Urgency Notifications✔✔✔
        SEO Tools✔✔✔


        Mobile-Ready and SEO-Friendly Design✔✔✔
        8 Free Design Templates✔✔✔
        Custom CSS/JS✔✔✔
        Visual Editor Mode✔✔✔

        Advertising Tools

        Facebook & Instagram✔✔✔
        Google Shopping/Advertising✔✔✔
        General Product Feed Support✔✔✔

        Sales Channels

        Online Store✔✔✔
        Buy Button Widget✔✔✔
        Google Shopping✔✔✔

        Administrative Tools

        Unlimited Staff Accounts✔✔✔
        Import/Export, Update Data via CSV✔✔✔
        Digital Products✔✔✔
        Bulk Editing✔✔✔
        Bulk Inventory Updates✔✔✔
        Bulk Import/Export/Updates✔✔✔
        Buyer-Seller Messaging✔✔✔
        Custom Order Statuses✔✔✔
        Customer Email Verification✔✔✔
        Failed Payment Tracking✔✔✔
        File Attachments✔✔✔
        GDPR Compliance Tools✔✔✔
        Tax Exemption by Customer✔✔✔
        UPC/ISBN Support✔✔✔
        Profit Reporting✔✔✔
        User Permission✔✔✔
        XML Sitemap Generator✔✔✔
        Product Variants✔✔✔
        Bundle Products✔✔✔
        Cost price✔✔✔
        Mobile Order Flagging✔✔✔
        Order Status Colors✔✔✔
        Order Reporting✔✔✔
        Order Returns✔✔✔
        PDF Invoices✔✔✔
        License Key Fulfillment & Management✔✔✔

        Accouning integrations

        Quickbooks by Partner Partner Partner
        QuickBooks Online Connector✔✔✔
        Zoho Flow✔✔✔


        Paid Memberships✔✔✔
        Memberships for Payment Methods✔✔✔
        XML Sitemap Generator✔✔✔




        Sales Tax Calculation✔✔✔
        VAT & GST Calculation✔✔✔
        Tax Exemption by Customer✔✔✔

        Tax Automation

        Partner Partner Partner


        Local Pick-Up✔✔✔
        Manually Defined Shipping Methods & Rates✔✔✔
        Real-Time Shipping Quotes✔✔✔

        Shipping Integrations

        DHL Shipping✔✔✔
        Canada Post✔✔✔
        Australia Post✔✔✔

        Shipping Automation Systems


        Search, Navigation, and UX Tools

        Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)✔✔✔
        Add To Cart Popup w/ Recommendations✔✔✔
        Advanced Menu Customization✔✔✔
        Age Confirmation✔✔✔
        Best Sellers✔✔✔
        Cart Icon Customization✔✔✔
        Catalog Mode (No Checkout)✔✔✔
        Customer File Uploader✔✔✔
        Custom Product Tabs✔✔✔
        Contact Us✔✔✔
        Faceted Search✔✔✔
        Featured Products✔✔✔
        Flyout Categories Menu✔✔✔
        Horizontal Flyout Categories Menu✔✔✔
        Quick Checkout✔✔✔
        Persistent Shopping Cart✔✔✔
        Multi-Step Checkout✔✔✔
        Market Price✔✔✔
        Product Advisor (New Arrivals, Coming Soon, Recently Viewed, etc.)✔✔✔
        Product Stickers✔✔✔
        Product Comparison✔✔✔
        Product Carousel✔✔✔
        Product Swatches✔✔✔
        Product Tags✔✔✔
        Related Products✔✔✔
        Shop by Brand✔✔✔
        Single Sign-On✔✔✔
        Site Map✔✔✔

        Maintenance and Security

        Full Access to Code✔✔✔
        Failed Sign-in Attempts Notifications✔✔✔
        Regular and Timely Software Updates✔✔✔
        HTTPS/SSL Support✔✔✔
        XSS- and CSRF-Attack Protection✔✔✔
        Block Visitors by IP/Country/User Agent✔✔✔
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